Home made Ghee

Home made Ghee

Home made Pure Ghee Gives the best result for the foods… Very healthy for the kids… here in my previous post I’ve given How to take the Home made Butter?? Continuation for my previous post is here …..

In a Wide pan Take the Cleaned Butter.. Here im using Non-stick pan so no need to grease it.. if you are going to use normal or any other type of pans means You should grease it up…

Start heating the pan… in medium flame or low flame it takes more time… aprox 30-40 mins u need stir it and should have a eye on… here i did in Induction Stove soo it take 10 mins for me to take the ghee

All the butter get melted

Here the butter is clarified

Dip some curry leaves or drumstick leaves in butter milk and throw in the pan.. poping will over and the leaves will fry

Almost it’s the ending stage

It’s done

See my little one’s hand

Home made Ghee

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