It’s for BM#27 Week 2 Day 4…
Idiyaapam other name is String Hopper… Some people call this as Nool Puttu… This Idiyappam is best with payya, chicken curry, Egg curry, Mutton curry, Veg kurumas, Also for sweet tooth people here i give the combo of milk, Coconut and sugar… My Sweet heart’s all time favorite…. Kids will love this for the noodle shape can introduce this with your little ones as “Rice noodles”….
Rice flour- 2 cups
Warm water
Oil- for greasing
Take the Rice flour in a mixing bowl and add the salt and warm water
Mix them till they form smooth consistent 
Make ready the instrument
Fill the flour and squeeze 
Stem them in a greased idli mold  and cook for 10mins
Idiyaapam ready with Coconut, sugar and milk

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