Urad Dhal Balls

Urad Dhal Balls
This is for BM #27 week 1 Day 8…. It’s a party dish under Occasion theme..

Urad dhal balls, it’s a very healthy recipe…best for kids…my grandma will tell urad kali was very good diet for small kids and youngsters… now adays food based on urad dhal very less… but often they used to do kali, vadai with urad.. today i tried a urad dhal balls.. which makes an easy healthy stater in any type of parties… also u can add more ingredients to this like grated carrots, Coriander leaves, mint leaves, Spinach, Grated beetroots… i did this ball in my muffin pan(Kulipaniyara pan).. it consumed very less oil… most of us will think even in making urad vadai it consumes more oil and we need a newspaper and tissues to remove the excess oil from the vadai … this same can be done with the vada mix also.. those have cloistral, BP, Diabetic should avoid the oil substance that was your Doctors advice.. but why should you avoid a good nutritious food that we have better option to do like these????

This urad balls are very nice with south indian sambar, & Coconut Chutney…. very very healthy food for kids… Appu enjoyed this balls i soaked this ball in sambar for him…. if your preparing these balls for any parties, & you have leftover balls in the tray just soak them in sambar and keep aside can be refrigerate for 24 hours can be reheat in oven and enjoy the healthy balls don’t miss to give try… well here we go with the healthy balls

Urad dhal- 1 cup
Onion- 1 finely chopped
Pepper powder- 1 tsp

Soak the urad dhal for 2 hours and grind to a smooth paste
Urdu dhal mix, Chopped onion and pepper powder

Combine all the ingredients with salt

Give them a good mix
Heat he muffin pan and put a spoon full of prepared mix and drizzle some oil over them
Flip them to the other side
It’s done

Yummy Balls ready with sambar

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