Achu murukku/Rose Kookies

Achu murukku/Rose Kookies

Achu murukku it sweet crispy murukku, to prepare this we need a mold/achu.. Very popular snack in South India during festival season… This murukku is not an easy version, first the mold had to soak in water for overnight, then dip in hot oil, if once the batter struck with the mold and facing trouble to leave the mold means every thing will spoil…( the batter / mould is not prepared well) so have to do each step very carefully until u release the first murukku in oil then 80 % tension free to continue the work…

Wait Wait what about the rest 20% risk.. have to dip the mold very carefully in batter have to half dip the hot mold in batter… this has so many name, Rose kookies, Achappam, Achu murukku, Kookies…
Here we go with our crispy achu murukku.

Raw Rice flour- 1 cup(200gms)
Egg- 1
Sugar- 100gms
Thick Coconut milk-1 cup
Thin coconut milk- 1 cup
All purpose flour/ Maida- 3 tsp
Oil- for frying

* If you dont have raw rice flour..soak the raw rice for 1- 2 hours drain the water.. spread in a cotton towel, and powder the the raw rice in mixer… make a fine powder, and sieve the flour…

* Extract fresh Thick and Thin Coconut milk

Beat the Thick Coconut milk, Egg, Sugar
Slowly add the sieved flour and mix them with out any clubs the batter should be  like dosa batter consistency, if the batter is too runny it wont comes out of the mold, if the batter is too thick it wont crispy, so adjust the batter with the thin coconut milk

Heat the kadai with oil and fully dip the mold in oil (heat in oil medium flame for 10 mins)

once done take out the mold carefully and give a half dip in the batter.. evenly the mold will coat with batter… half dipping mold help to release the murukku easily in oil 

Drop the battered mold in hold oil and shake the mold to get release the murukku, some time the first murukku will struck in mold get an help with forks and pull it down.. 
Again dip the mold in oil till you use again

Turn the murukku

Cook till they turn golden brown

Repeat the rest batter
Make it cool and store in air tight container

Crispy Achu murukku

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