Caramelized Roti

Caramelized Roti
Once i was browsing Sharmis page found this easy recipe… immediately i give a try for this… unfortunately Jess loved this a much and start munching himself with his favorite green forks…
When ever im having leftover Roti’s never miss to do this simple roti… behind, this dish is not much tough to feed the little ones.. simply they love the crispy caramelized roti bites..
Roti– 3 nos
Ghee– 3-4 tsp
Sugar/Honey – 2tsp
* Cut the Roti’s into bit size
* If you dont want the to use the white sugar then skip it with honey
* Heat the kadai with Ghee
* Fry the Torned Roti’s in medium flame
* Fry till they done
* Add the Sugar
*Cook on low flame till the sugar gets caramelized 
It’s ready to munch…. 

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