Mysore pak

Mysore pak

Again with the store bought goodies…. i never tried this.. it’s the first time… though not a big fan of this sweet… had to do this and give up the hand to try it over… 

Well i think you guys know whats behind the work… it’s festive season all the fellow bloggers pages are filled with Diwalli post sweets, savory.. that’s make me to push to do this… Finally achieved the journey in mysore pak preparation…. 
Here two important steps and two important points to note…
* Make the sugar syrup to one string condition..
* Final stage of the mysore pak… its very very important…. 
In this steps if any one got missed then the whole work will spoil… i always bother with playing ghee and sugar… these are most precious stuffs in my pantry… okay come we’ll go for the recipe….
Besan flour- 1 cup
Sugar- 1 cup
Ghee- 1 cup
Water- 1/4 cup
* Grab all the ingredients measure it & keep aside.
* Sieve the besan flour first….
* Take out the 3/4 cup of Ghee and melt it.. Here the temp is in medium so always we had the ghee balls..:) i melt in my microwave… 

* Heat the kadai with a tsp of ghee and fry the sieved besan flour.. try to make it without lumps.. also it can be roasted till the color change.. make sure do in medium or low flame so that it can be prevent from burning..

* Again sieve the the roasted besan flour.. prefer metal siever..

* There is my sieved Roasted besan flour…

* Add the sieved flour to the melted ghee..

* Mix them without lumps see the mix its a smoothy…

* Grease a plate for the last step…

* Again the part ot make the sugar syrup.. in a kadai add the sugar with 1/4 cup of water.. boil in medium flame & bring this to one string condition.. taking the sugar syrup to one string condition is the first part….

* Slowly add the besan mix to the sugar syrup….

* Continuously give the string to the mix…

* When it starts get to together.. slowly add the rest of the ghee…

* The Mix get together…

* And they’ll come out without sticking the pan… the exact term is Poomparuvam.. switch off the flame immediately… dont over cook if dont then completely the dish will spoil… it’ll be like chewy and stiff pcs… so careful in switch off  the flame too…

* Immediately transfer to the greased plate……

* Put on the slices as its warm or once its sets down..

* If you to take out in thick pieces then grease a small plate and make the burfi’s….

Mysore pak/ besan Burfi..

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