Cherry Tutti-Frutti Pannacotta

Cherry Tutti-Frutti Pannacotta
That was my dream to experiment with Gelatine… and i have some request to do with no baking recipes for Christmas.. Finally end with a delicious Cherry Tutti Frutti Panna cotta..

Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert by simmering the milk, sugar, and cream together & mixing this with gelatine and make cool to set and serve… thats… here when i go with recipe i adapted to indian version, instead of milk and cream, i used a cup of whole milk(Fat milk), then Instead of Sugar i used Condensed milk, Then Essence is our choice since the color push me use the Rose essence flavour, adding tutti frutti is totally my experimental thought… All the ingredients are common in a Indian Pantry.. so try and let me know how it turns for you.. lets go to the recipe..
Cherry- 1 cup
 Whole Milk/ Heavy Cream- 1 cup
Condensed milk/Sugar- 1/4 cup
Gelatine/China Grass- 3 tsp
Essence- 1 tsp(Flavor of your Choice)
Tutti frutti- 2 tsp
* Grab all the ingredients..
* First start with the Gelatine, Soak the 3 tsp of gelatine in 1/4 cup of water for 5 mins..

* After 5 mins, boil the gelatine mix till they dissolve in water…

* Make the content to cool…

* Take the Cherries and Condensed milk in a blender.. blend them for few mins,(if you are using sugar then skip the condensed milk go with sugar)

* Add the milk to the Blender.. blend again..

* Add the cooled gelatine mix to the blender.. blend again…

* Take the pudding moulds( Ramekins), I dont have ramekins so i did in normal box.. sprinkle it with tutti frutti…

* Drop the Mix from the blender to the Box…

* Again top the Tutti frutti on top…

* Close the boxes with lids and put them in freezer for 3 hours… till they set to jello consistency…

* Once they set to jello consistency, refrigerate the boxes till they served..

All done, Serve chill..:)

Cherry Tutti-Frutti Panna Cotta

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