Banana Fritter/Nenthra Pazham Appam/ Pazham Pori/ Ethakka Appam

Banana Fritter/Nenthra Pazham Appam/ Pazham Pori/ Ethakka Appam
Banana Fritters/Nenthra Pazham Appam/ Pazham Pori/ Ethakka Appam All resembles the simple snack, it has so many names, a Kerala snack.

 Nenthra pazham highly nutritious and rich in taste.. This is my all time favorite snack..  its a common street food in our place, such a yummy snack its.. a instant snack recipe is here to add in your page.. to get a exact taste of kerala taste, use Coconut oil .. no compromise in taste..  Lets see the simple yummy fritter recipe, do try and let me know how it turns for you.

Nenthra banana- 1 nos
Maida/APF- 1/4 cup
Sugar- 1 tsp
Salt- 1/4 tsp
Baking soda- a pinch
Turmeric powder- a pinch( Optional)
Water- 3/4 cup
Coconut Oil- to deep fry
* Peel the Banana, slit the pieces as shown in the image.

* Ina mixing bowl Add in the Flour, Turmeric powder, Baking Soda, Sugar, Slat.

* Whisk them with water to a dosa batter consistency, without any clumps..

* Let it sit for 3-5 mins,  Heat the kadai with Oil..

* Dip the Banana strips In batter and drop them in hot oil.

* Flip them to  cook all the sides.. cook till they turn golden color

* Drain them in a Kitchen towel or tissue papper..

Serve this with a hot cup of tea/ Coffee
* Only Nethara banana suits for this fritters.. 
* Turmeric is an optional ingredient.. i add turmeric for the color..
* Consistency of the batter is important, if the batter is too loose,the batter will not stick to the banana, if so add  some flour and mix again..
* Always serve hot..

Banana Fritters

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