Chicken Kuruma

Chicken Kuruma
Most easy nonveg curry…. preparing chicken in any form ends with good result..:) love to have some semidry chicken recipe.. hubby needs some curry to yum with roti’s… recently i read this in a fellow bloggers page..

Sorry i prepared this a month back.. i couldnt remember the page.. but it taste so good.. a simple south indian flavoured Chicken Curry/Chicken Kuruma… One of best combo with Roti.. loved it alot.. as i did in pressure cooker the chicken cooked so spongy and soft… juicy chicken curry it.. if you love to have a simple delicious curry.. no delay try it out… and its a no fail recipe too… do try and let me know how it turns for you..:) lets step on to our chicken kuruma..:)

Chicken- 400gms
Onion- 1 large
Tomato- 1 large
Curry leaves- 1 spring
Ginger Garlic paste- 2tsp
Oil- 3 tsp
To temper:
Cinnamon- 1 inch
Cardamon- 2 nos
Cloves- 2 nos
Star Anise- 1
Bay leaf- 1
To grind:
Coconut- 1/2 cup
Fennel seed- 1 tsp
Jeera- 1/2 tsp
To marinate:
Curd- 1/2 cup
Chillie powder- 1-2 tsp
Coriander powder- 1-2 tsp
Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
Graham masla- 1/2 tsp
* Clean the Chicken in running water, drain it, mix the masala for marination{Curd, chillie powder, Coriander powder, Turmeric powder, Graham masala, Salt}, Marinate this for 1 hour.
* Chop the Onions and tomatoes.. make a paste with Coconut, Fennel seeds and Jeera

* Heat the Pressure pan with oil, temper with star anise, Cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and bay leaf.

* Saute the onions till they turn pink.

* Add in the Ginger Garlic paste..

* Followed by Tomatoes and Curry leaves.. cook till they are mushy

* The Tomatoes cooked well.. they separates the oil too..

* Add the marinated Chicken along with the masalas.

* Cook the chicken in medium flame for 5 mins..

* Add in the grinded paste.. mix them up..

* Add a cup of water and required salt.

* Cove rand cook this for 2 whistle..

All Done..:)
Chicken Kuruma

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