Pori Urundai/Puffed Rice Sweet Ball

Pori Urundai/Puffed Rice Sweet Ball

Pori Urundai/Puffed rice balls, These sweet balls are Traditional Indian Bites.. now a days have to search in the grocery shop for a best pori urundai.. why not try this simple indian crunchy bite in your home…
Not a tedious one to prepare.. just can be done with in few mins.. this is my kiddo jess babe’s fav.. he love to play with this balls.. though some bits will he have.. mom never did this in home.. my mom is a working woman, so we’ll not trouble her more in coking.. what ever she wants to do, she’ll prepare and serve with her love.. nowadays there i scared, do i miss all these traditional munching bites.. and here i put a to do list and recording the traditional recipes very carefully…lets move on to the recipe first..

Pori Urundai

 Prep Time:  15 mins   |  Cook time: 15 mins    |  Serves: 2


Puffed Rice/ Pori 3 cups
Jaggery 3/4 cup
Water 4-5 tsp
Ghee 3-4 tsp
Oil 1/4 cup


 * Dry roast the pori/Puffed rice in a kadai for 3-4 mins, and set aside..  


 1. Take the Grated Jaggery In a pan, add very little amount of water to it.. boil till they dissolve..

 2. Strain it, and boil again till they reach one string consistency..  always keep in low medium flame and check continuously, don’t let the syrup to next stage.. it may go hard, if the jaggery is liquid, you can’t make balls out of it..

  3. To check the sugar, drop the jaggery drop in a bowl of water, it should not dissolve and gather it together to from a ball shape..

 4. Once the Jaggery syrup get the exact consistency add the Pori/Puffed Rice and mix them well in the jaggery…

 5. Switch off the flame and mix them soon, all mixed up in the jaggery..

 6. Grease ur hand with ghee and oil, grease well.. now ping a generous amount from the puffed rice/ pork mix and make a rough ball, divide them equally, and now shape them out to balls..


    • Dry Roasting the Pori makes a crispy sweet balls.. 
    • Making jaggery syrup is the main point.. try make it out in low medium flame..
    • In last pic i have explained to form a rough ball for the first, and shape them in the second step.. so that if you’ll get all the pori’s in balls.. 

“Pori Urundai/ Puffed Rice Sweet Ball”

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