Puffed Lotus Seed Kheer/Makhanna Kheer

Puffed Lotus Seed Kheer/Makhanna Kheer
Lotus Seed Kheer

 Lotus Seed Kheer, Rich sweet with highly nutritious, I don’t know how of you aware with this main ingredient.. I’m completely new to this puffy one, it looks like a puffed popcorn, very very easy and simple to cook, and before few months ago i bought this pack with interest, scared a lot to test, i never taste this in restaurants too.. this is such a delicious kheer..

Why don’t you start your festive season with different healthy kheer.. Lotus seeds are highly protein contented.. This simple dessert fills the meal, yum yum. When i browsed some information in google, came to know north indains Prepare this in Navaratiri, Krishna Jeayanthy Fasting days..In North India this Puffed lotus seeds used for snack.. many more interesting recipes can be made with this..

Lotus Seed Kheer1

Lotus Seed Kheer

Recipe Cuisine: Indian Dessert  I  Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 20 mins    |  Serves: 2



Lotus Seed 1 cup
Milk 1.5 cup
Condensed Milk 1/4 tin
Badham 8-10 nos
Cashew nuts 5-6
Saffron 2-3 strands
Yellaki/Cardamon 2 nos crushed
Ghee 1 tsps


  1. Take the Lotus seed and keep aside, boil the milk and add the lotus seeds to it..

Screen Shot 2014 09 25 at 5 04 12 PM
  2. Boil it for few mins, and add in the crushed yeallaki/Cardamon to it..
Screen Shot 2014 09 25 at 5 04 30 PM
  3. Soak the Badham in warm water for 15 mins, peel the skin and chop it.. chop the cashew nuts too.. add this nuts to the boiled milk.. and now coming to the sweetest part, add in the condensed milk and put the flame to low, and bring this to boil..
Screen Shot 2014 09 25 at 5 05 53 PM
  4. Add in the saffron strands to it and switch off the flame, and add a tsp of ghee to it.. serve this in hot or cold,.. yum yum healthy kheer..
Screen Shot 2014 09 25 at 5 06 32 PM


    • Instead of condensed milk, you can add sugar to it.
    • You can fry some raisins and nuts in ghee and add this in the last step.

Lotus Seed Kheer

“Lotus Seed Kheer” 

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