Crispy Murukku/Murukku

Crispy Murukku/Murukku

Crispy Murukku/Murukku, South Indian Crispy snack..Mainly Traditional of Tamilnadu..Savory crunchy snack.. Before doing this recipe, i thought it’s very biiiiiiig and tough job to make a perfect light soft crispy murukkuTongue.. but here with homemade Idiyappa flour and homemade urad dhal flour it’s just a jiffy jobTongue

How long you are going to buy snacks and sweets in shop to lead a unhealthy lifestyleTongue.. try this out to be healthy.. i planned for theankuzhal murukku, but I’m unluckyTongue, i don’t have the mould in hand, measurement is the main thing.. always use the proper measurement for better result..Murukku had a lovely variety in list, this one among them.. very tasty and soft crispy murukku.. I did this in a small quantity, it was over with in a dayTongue.. and i gave the proof.. try and Let me know how it turned for you… okay lets move to the recipe..


Crispy Murukku/Murukku

Prep Time: 15-20 mins   |  Cook time: 45 mins    |  Serves: 4-5


Rice Flour/Idiyappa Flour 1 cup
Urad Dhal Flour 1/4 cup
Ghee/Butter 1/2 tsp
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Salt as needed
Oil To Deep Fry


 1. In a mixing bowl, take rice flour/Idiyappa flour, Urad dhal flour, Jeera, Salt, Ghee/butter, add some water and knead it to a soft dough..

Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 05 46 AM
 2. This is the Mould i used for this crispy murukku, Squeeze out from the mould.. if the murukku doesn’t flow continuously, sprinkle some water to the dough and knead again.. then squeeze.. In the mean time heat the kadai with oil.
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 06 03 AM
 3. Drop the squeezed murukku to the hot oil, and deep fry them in medium flame, adjust the flame when u drop the murkku put in low, then keep them in medium for few mins, once it get half cooked, flip them to the other side and cook till they turn golden brown in color..
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 06 21 AM
 4. Drain the Murukku from the hot oil and keep them colander, make them cook and store in air tight container..
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 06 48 AM


    • If the murukku doesn’t flow continuously, take out the dough sprinkle some water knead them again..
    • Don’t add more butter/ghee, if so then murukku will separate in the hot oil..
    • Add some ajwain /Omam for more flavor, also can add some sesame seeds too..  
Best with a cup of tea/coffee
Crispy murukku.. 


“Crispy murukku/Murukku”
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