Lunch Menu 1

Lunch Menu 1
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Always It’s a blank and empty mind to kick start a day what to cook, what to prepare in the busy schedule.. that too in the weekend had to break the head, need to combine a perfect combo dishes, bunch of dishes which should like by all the family members..Tongue

In lot of blogs i saw this lunch menu series, and i got few mail’s from my viewers too.. complaining about the vegetarian meal listTongue.. if the page have lot of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, viewers want it to be a small combo menu for day to day cooking.. for a change of biryani.. and I’m in the mission of preparing small lunch menus which i usually prepare and prefer to cook.. and this is the first menu to treat you all..

And from my experience, plan the things what you are going to do.. prepare all chopping, grinding dicing as early, before you switch on the stove.. and in the means time cook the pressure cooker items first to be prepared.. that’s it your day will spark with good smile Tongue

Lunch menu 1 in my page includes, Steamed Rice, Sambar, Rasam, Keerai poriyal, Baby Corn Fritters, in place of kerrai, you can try any type vegetable fry and sambar which had a wide variety yo fill, choose your favorite one.. and the Rasam also lot of varieties are there, here i suggested the peeper rasam..

Lunch Meu 1

In addition, you can add Curd, Pickle, Papadas, and a simple dessert too


  • Wash and clean the rice , put them in pressure cooker with correct measurement of water and a pitch salt, cook this for 2 whistles and set aside..
  • In the means time first peel out the onion, garlic and set aside, then coming to chop the vegetables one by one and set aside..
  • Saute the items for paruppu thogaiyal and set aside to cool, make them cool and grind it..
  • Now Grind out the masala for keerai..also pressure cook the thoor dhal for sambar and set aside..
  • Now prepare the items one by one..

This Simple menu Platter Fills the tummy..

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