Lunch menu 2

Lunch menu 2
Lunch menu2
I got a good welcome for the lunch menu series.. and this is my second lunch menu here.. I’m not posting any special lunch combo here.. just sharing the menu what i choose for my family.. some curry and kootu had a special combo to go for a full meal.. certain things i learnt from my MIL. she always give important to the combination food..

Now i too had the same thought, this simple menu had drumstick garlic curry, you can replace it with any theyal or puli kulambu, then Rasam, Palak paruppu kootu, Cabbage thooran, Vadagam, Curd,.. and i should share the vadagam story.. one of our aunty she prepare this in home, we call this as koollu vadagam.. it’s a tedious work to do .. but in love she always do this for me.. i love this a lot.. and thooran also you can try any veg thooran in place of cabbage thooran… okay here you go just the click the link and check the recipes.. do try and let me know how it turned for you..  

Lunch Menu 2

In addition to this you can serve some dessert too…
  • Wash and clean the thoor dhal pressure cook it for 2 whistles and set aside..
  • Wash clean the Rice and cook it for 2 whistles, as per your regular method..
  • Chop Palak, Cabbage, drumstick, garlic, tomatoes, onion, and set aside..
  • Roast the masala for drumstick curry and set aside cool it and find it to a smooth paste..
  • Prepare the Thooran masala for cabbage..
  • Prepare the curry, rasam, kootu, thooran by the instructions…

  Simple Filling lunch menu, isn’t it.. and if you are non vegetarian, then prepare a omelet, or any other fish fry or chicken fry yummy yummy…


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