Thattai recipe with Step by step picture instruction.. I’m soooo happy to share this recipe with you all.. in last diwalli i tried the same and end with the flop resultTongue, don’t know what went wrong their, but the complete ingredients and methods are different..

This year after lot of browsing, i felt some confident with the recipe and again put in  mission.. such a successful recipe of mine.. i love this crispy spicy thattai a lot, in our place, this is a famous snack, most of the event tea time i love to munch this with my brother and mom.. after marriage i miss this a lot and want to do this in my kitchen.. now it came to true and i wish to share more thattai recipes here.. will see in future..before going to this one.. you need some patientsTongue.. the steps are very slow and it took lot of time to test the patients.. then only we’ll get the perfect good shaped thattai.. And one thing, have you ever taste the curry leaves in thattai… i never miss curry leaves here.. usually i skip it from my plate, but coming to thattai i love the curry leaves.. Do try and let me know how it turned for you.. lets move to the recipeTongue


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Recipe Cuisine: Indian |  Recipe Category: Snacks I Prep Time: 1 hour   |  Cook time: 30 mins mins    |  Serves: 20 pieces


Idli Rice 1 cup
Urad dhal 2 tsp
Garlic 2 pods
Red chillie 4-5 nos
Channa dhal 1 tsp
Jeera 1/2 tsp
Curry Leaves 2 springs
Hing/Astifotedia a pinch
Salt as per taste
Oil to deep fry


1. Dry roast the urad dhal in medium flame till they get nice aroma and the color change to brown color.. 
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 09 38 AM
 2. Wash and soak the Idli rice, roasted urad dhal, channa dhal, red chillie, garlic separately as shown below, for  20-30 mins.. now start grinding the urad dhal.. by sprinkle some water to it..
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 10 46 AM
  3. Add the soaked red chillie, Garlic and grind it smooth to a paste and set them aside..
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 11 03 AM
 4. Drain the water from the soaked rice and spread over the kitchen clean cloth for few mins, now powder the rice and sieve the fine flour separately..
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 09 19 AM 
 5.Take the fine flour in a kadai and fry this slightly for few mins just to remove the wetness( till the flour get heat slightly, it less than 5 mins for 1 cup rice), Keep them cool now add the grinded paste to it, Drain the channa dhal and add, Chopped curry leaves, Jeera, salt, mix them well and if need sprinkle some water and knead the dough..
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 11 20 AM
 6. Add in some hing and knead again… now dived the dough to equal balls..
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 12 17 AM
 7. Make lemon size balls and, Now take a plastic paper/ Butter paper grease it with some oil, place the ball in and cover it with the other end of the paper as shown..
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 12 37 AM
 8. Use a tumbler/bowl press the balls over the sheet with the bottom of the tumbler/bowl.. make thin thattai.. not too thin it should come out without break when take from the sheet…
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 12 53 AM
9. See here, i made a batch of thattai, and kept in a greased plastic paper, so that easily it come out from the sheet..

IMG 2404 
  10. Take them out from the sheet and Drop into hot oil.. i used a medium size kadai, i can fry  3-4 nos at a time.. depend on your kadai size drop the thattai..
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 13 09 AM
11. Flip them and deep fry the crispy thattai.. drain out keep in colander to cool and store in a air tight container…
Screen Shot 2014 10 07 at 9 13 23 AM 
  • Instead  of Idli rice you can use readymade rice flour too, in lot of recipes i saw they used readymade rice flour..
  • Adjust the chillie to your spicy level, thatti is a bit spicy, crunchy snack so i prefer 4-5 nos chillie..
  • Don’t add too much of water to grind the urad dhal, just sprinkle and grind.. also careful in adding water to knead the dough…
  • The dough should not stick your hands..
  • If it too sticky, u’ll not get the shape, if its too thick cracks will form in the thattai..
  • When dropping in oil, carefully drop the thattai from the sides of the pan to reduce the splicing of oil..
  • Don’t put the Ladle immediately to flip them, let it cook for 3-4 mins in medium flame then try to flip them…
  • Thin thattai will be more crispy and crunchy..
  • Thick thattai will not crispy as much like thin one..


Wow, Box full of Thattai is ready 
Spicy Thattai 
Sending this Recipe to Full Scoop Anniversary 


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