Urad Dhal Flour

Urad Dhal Flour
Urad dhal flour1

Urad dhal flour, This is the basic ingredients for most of the south indian snacks.. this is festival season and mostly all in diwali cleaning, purchasing and preparing homemade snacks..
 In my childhood mom makes murukku, munthiri kothu, sev, athirasam in home, but nowadays there is no focus for homemade snacks, all go buy something from the store and use them instantly, we don’t know in which oil, they prepared, how hygienic it’s, even i bought the same in my early days.. nowadays trying every thing in hands and preparing all snacks and sweets in home.. homemade snacks and sweet stays good, healthy, and a complete satisfaction is there to serve the family with fulfilled love.. Hope this post will helps you a lot in the basic snacks.. even I’m very new for preparing snacks.. okay lets check out this simple early step for diwalli snack preparation…

Urad Dhal Flour

Prep Time: 5 mins    |  Cook time: 15 – 20 mins   


Urad dhal 1 cup



1. Take the urad dhal in a kadai and dry roast this in medium flame for almost 15 mins till the nice aroma comes up, stir in between and fry till they turn golden brown in color..

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 2. Make it cool and Powder this in mixer, then sieve in a siever remove the dust.. now you get the smooth urad dhal flour.. ready for home made snacks..
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    • Roast in medium flame.
    •  If you make in large quantity roast them little by little foe perfect even cook of urad dhal..
    • Always store the flour in air tight containers.
    • Use fresh flour for snacks to get more flavors..

Urad dhal flour1

Store in Air tight Container

Urad dhal flour

“Urad Dhal Flour” 

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