Yeast Proving

Yeast Proving
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 This is a basic post to bake bread, bun, pizza.. and i share this with a big success, i was struggling for this method over a year to get the exact formula.. this double testing method is good for beginners to learn the basic.

Its a good thing to know what are the things includes in our baked goodies.. usually we go to a near by bakery or store and buy the goodies, but do you ever think what are the ingredients in it.. and how they are preparing..anyhow if you have the recipe in hand, then what will you do.. and i tell you if i had a chance to know the secret of bakery goodies, happily i prepare in home.. still i learn to pastry recipes.. other then now this double test yeast proving helps in bread, bun, pizza, doughnuts…single is testing is hard enough to prove the yeast.. though i faced lot of flop incidents with the yeast.. now its a jiffy one for me.. after lot of testing and experience i share this wonderful yeast proving method to you… if you had a oven or microwave in home then happily go with the post to know the details of basic kneading dough for baking goodies..

Yeast Proving

Prep Time: 3 hours  I Basic For Baking Bun, Pizza, Bread   


AlF/Maide 3 cups
Yeast 2 tsp
Sugar 1 tsp
Warm Milk 1/4 Cup
Butter/Oil 1/2 cup
Salt as needed



  1. Take the warm milk in bowl, add yeast and sugar to it mix them well and keep it aside for 10 to 15 mins, now it should foam like this.. if the yeast doesn’t foam then the yeast is old or it’ll not work this is the first proof for testing the yeast…

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2. Take 1 cup flour in a mixing bowl add the yeast mix to the flour with salt and mix well and few drops of oil and mix well and keep inside the unplugged Microwave.. and with in 45 mins to 1 hour, the dough should raise this is the second proof…
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  3.Take the rest four in a mixing bowl and add the proved dough and knead well, add milk and water if need.. mix them well, i use my Electric hand whisker to knead the soft dough…
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  4. If you using the whisker then use this blade to knead the dough, now pull out the whisker and knead it in hands, drop some oil over the dough and keep this in a mixing bowl..
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 5. Cover this With a kitchen towel and seal it with band,… again throw inside a unplugged microwave.. here you see after 2-3 hours.. beautifully raised flour isn’t..
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    • Use warm milk or water.. do not use hot water or milk.. 
    • This double testing Proof, takes more time and it’s a best way to find out the yeast is good or bad..
    • Store this dough in refrigerator in big box, it’ll raise inside the refrigerator too..
    • Don’t keep this in refrigerator for more than 2 days.. try to consume before..
    • Always use a good brand of airtight container to store your yeast..
    • Don’t keep your yeast for too long.. always try to use a new pack, finish it asap you can..
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“Yeast Proving”

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