Lunch Menu 4

Lunch Menu 4
Lunch menu 4 
Serving a good vegetarian meal is really a challenge for every one. but remember this is the best comfort and easy meal for child to all aged people.. paruppu rasam combo with a poriyal and avail is really a south tamilnadu meal.. adding some dessert, papada, saber and two three poriyal and thooran which fills the kalayana sappadu.. 

North Tamilnadu had vada pays in their list, heard a lot about the vada payasam meal, Its a heaven to see the full veg meal.. Preparation time may vary from the quantity you are using.. Hope this post helps you a bit to know the basic combination of kootu and curry of south indian Vegetarian meal.. 

Lunch Menu 4

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Lunch menu
Prep Time: 30 mins   |  Cook time: 1 1/2 hours    |  Serves: 2
 This menu Includes
  • Wash and clean all the vegetables..Chop the Palak, And avail vegetable.. Peel onion and garlic…
  • Wash and clean the dhal, pressure cook the dhal with  some pearl onion, garlic, Turmeric powder and hing..
  • Pressure cook the rice and keep ready..
  • Prepare the masala for rasam, Avial, and paruppu curry..
  • One by one Prepare the paruppu kulambu, avial, Keerai and rasam..
  • More serving idea with this combo, prepare urad dhal vada, Papadas, and plan some dessert like pajamas or jamun.. your vegetarian meal will ready to serve..
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Lunch menu 4a

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