Lunch Menu 5

Lunch Menu 5
Lunch menu 5a
Lunch menu 5, includes some Easy recipes with more comfort satisfaction.. Vegetarian meal fills a satisfaction with comfort.. Palak had high Iron and fibre content, BottleGourd Rich content with Lot of vitamins.. usually bootlegourd used in the diet a lot to reduce weight.. i love this comfort bottlegourd curry..

Very easy and simple preparation.. Doesn’t took much time and effort to prepare the whole plate.. almost if you arrange the things properly then you can finish the cooking with in a hour.. i usually plan the meal, took the vegetable in separate plates for chopping, dicing.. also i take some onions and garlic and peel them will set aside, then preparing the finishing part.. there too i do split grinding part into two , Dry grinding and wet grinding.. if i need to grind anything dry i do them first, then i go with wet grinding masala if need.. i have three burner stove, one by one i prepare them without pressure.. cooking time is much more important than preparation.. here is the chance to miss and adjust the taste.. this is my usual day to day cooking schedule.. you may think for what I’m boring you with these things, mostly those who are beginner in cooking had a struggle,When & where to start and where to end.. even i was like that in my early days.. then after seeing my MIL, MOM, i got the hint, this how i manage time in the kitchen.. managing time in the kitchen is very very important otherwise you may feed up, “Oh all the time I’m in the Kitchen”.. i took big lecture for time management in cooking.. here you go with Todays menu…This includes some interesting recipes…
Lunch menu5b

Lunch Menu 5

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Lunch Menu
Prep Time: 1 hour  |  Cook time: 90  mins    |  Serves: 3-4
 This Menu Includes:
  • Wash and clean the Rice.. Pressure cook it for 2 whistles or do as per the Packet Instruction..
  • Take all the veggies and clean them… chop the Palak, Bottle gourd, Bittergourd, Aviyal Vegetables and keep them separately..
  • PEel and Chop Onion, GAlic and set aside.
  • Make masala for Aviyal, Marinate the Bittergourd with the masala..
  • Cook the Bottle gourd as per recipe instruction.. One by one Fry the palak, Bittergourd and prepare the Aviyal..
 End the meal with a Dessert to make it fulfill.. Can add some papadas, Pickle too, Now For Non veg viewers, Add some Fish Fry or Chicken Fry alone with the meal Or prepare a simple omelet to complete meal..

Lunch  menu 5

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