Achu Murukku/Rose Kookies

Achu Murukku/Rose Kookies
Achu Murukku1Achumurrukku,, those who are from Kanyakumari District will have a look in this recipe.. this is a traditional Recipe of South Tamilnadu.. Little Tedious and Tough Game with oil.. Already i had a post with traditional method.. this one is filled with modern procedure.. which is using Mixer, all the procedures Are followed are using a mixer..

This Lovely sweet crispy murkku is a famous for christmas season.. when my mom listing christmas snack she put this in top.. she loved this much and this is one of her favorite recipe too.. usually she makes this in late night.. since this need very patience and without distraction should do.. for her this is not a great job, also she plan to do this in a large quantity like 2 kg rice.. God i don’t have much patience like her.. i tried this in little quantity.. As this Post was requested again by a lovable friend, she told in the traditional recipe, some difficulties is there, she felt that’s a tough method and requested a quick procedure.. after that i called few of my aunt’s to clarify the recipe.. collected everyone’s recipe and here with a twist of my own method… Hope this post will help you all to learn a traditional recipe.. Do check my previous achumurrkku post for more tips and tricks..

Achu Murukku4

Achu Murrukku

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Festival Snacks
Prep Time: 2 hours    |  Cook time: 45 mins    |  Yields: 30-35 nos


Raw Rice 1.5 cups
Coconut Milk 3/4 cup (Thick Milk)
Egg 1 nos
Sugar 1/4-1/2 cup
Oil For Deep Frying



 1. Wash and Soak the Raw Rice for 2 hours.. Take the crystal sugar in a mixer, powder it finely, now crack the egg in it..

Achu Murukku step1
  2. Blend the sugar and egg well, Extract a thick coconut milk and set aside..
Achu Murukku step2
 3. Here is the Soaked Rice, Transfer to a blender don’t use the water, use the Coconut milk to grind the rice..
Achu Murukku step3
 4. Add the coconut milk little by little, Grind a thick mix, and it should be very fine, again I’m pointing here don’t use water to grind, use coconut milk and make a thick smooth batter..
Achu Murukku step4
 5. Transfer the thick batter to a mixing bowl, and add the egg mix to the batter, mix them well and check the batter consistency.. when u dip a spoon to it, the batter should stick, as shown in the below picture, if the batter should not thick like dosa batter and also it should not be runny.. for a better check , dip your dry finger to the batter, you’ll find a light coating of batter.. if the batter is to thick then add coconut milk, if the batter is is too runny then you need grind some raw rice flour to fine, sieve and add it to the batter mix well..Now the batter alert is over.. 
Achu Murukku step5
 6. Heat a Kadai with oil, Add enough oil, the mould should sink inside properly to get the heat.. You find some hoping sound when the oil is much enough hot..
Achu Murukku step6
 7. And carefully drop the mould to the batter, careful careful, the mould should not sink completely, dip the mould to half there you go to the next step to confirm.. 
Achu Murukku step7
 8. Just like this dip the mould to the batter, the hot mould took a good coating of batter , And drop the mould to the hot oil, just give a shake to the mould to release the murkku, if the murky get struck in the mould use forks or knife to release..and drop the mould to the hot oil, I changed the quad to a bigger one, the one i used in the previous step was small and i didn’t get enough space to put the mould.. 
Achu Murukku step8
 9. Flip the Murukku and Cook it to golden brown color ..
Achu Murukku step9
10. Take them out from the hot oil once get the color like this don’t allow to cook more than this, murrkku will go dark..
Achu Murukku step10


  • If the mould is new, then soak in water for 2-3 days, then follow the procedure..
  • In the first murrkku  itself you can find out whether you done the batter write or wrong.. if the murky comes out without sticking, then you are in.. if not.. you need to adjust the batter, mostly if the batter is too thin, then sticking struggle will happen..
  • If the batter is thick you’ll get a heavy murkku, also it’ll not a crispy murkku, it goes chewy nature.
  • Once you set to drop the murkku in the oil,you have to quick in action to flip the murukku to cook the other side.. very soon this mururkku gets cooked, coz, already you are dipping the very hot mould in the batter, and too when dropping it cook with in few seconds.. so very careful in timing. 
  • Strictly i wrote on the procedure make a thick batter and once you add the egg and sugar mix, the batter will get diluted, coz the sugary nature.. thats why, don’t use water to grind the batter, use thick coconut milk.. 
  • This to a strict note, don’t ip the mould completely in the batter, dip it for half to release the murkku easily..
  • Also when the batter quantity gets lower change the bowl to smaller.. so that dipping will be easy.. or else use a separate bowl or deep plate to dip the mould… Below picture for changing the bowl..Atfirst i used a blue mixing bowl, then i transfer to a another bowl, and finally I’m with a small tiffin box.
  • IMG 6617
  • If the mould doesn’t get enough heat the batter will not stick.. so once the murky release form the mould immediately drop the mould to he oil..
  • Check my previous Achumurkku post for more tips…

Achu Murukku2

Achu Murukku3

“Crispy Achumurukku”


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