Muskmelon Granita/ Cantaloupe Granita

Muskmelon Granita/ Cantaloupe Granita
Muskmelon Granita Muskmelon granita, Chilled crystal bowled dessert perfect for anytime.. muskmelon are little pulppy, and juicy.. this is a Low calorie Ice-cream…

Not much messy work for this.. took very less time prepare with only two ingredients.. if you don’t like sugar, then go with honey for sweetness.. I just remember Joe to get some fruits for my experiment.. finally i got a kg of orange, apple, papaya and a muskmelon.. all those i make juice, Salads, smoothie.. i choose muskmelon for the special recipe.. i was thinking about this recipe form last summer, last summer i saw lot of sorbhet and granita recipes in google.. and coming to the taste of this bowl.. it was awesome and great with soft crystals.. though this is a winter season.. we felt little warm and sunny during day lights.. it was perfect for the day..

Muskmelon Granita2

Muskmelon Granita

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Dessert

Prep Time: 6 hours    |  Cook time: 0 mins    |  Serves: 2



Muskmelon 1 nos
Sugar 4-6 tsp



 1. Half cut the Muskmelon, Scoop out the seeds, and scoop the Fleshy part..

Muskmelon Granita step1
 2. Take the scooped fruit in the mixer, add some sugar..
Muskmelon Granita step2
 3. Without adding water.. grind it smoothly, Transfer the smoothie pulp to the air tight box..
Muskmelon Granita step3
 4. Put the airtight box in the freezer, and take them out after 6 hours, And scrape the freeze content with Forks.. 
Muskmelon Granita step4


    • Do not add water to grind the smoothie pulp..
    • Granita should in crystalized form.. so scrape well ..

Muskmelon Granita3

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