How to make Sprouts

How to make Sprouts
IMG 7255 This post has the basic idea of making sprouts at home..  Making Sprouts in home is not Rocket Science technique, i saw most of my relatives using a cloth to make sprouts, but maintain the cloth(washing and keep them in hygienic) is a bit painful thing..

Sprouts are the healthy one, not only the moong dhal, sprouts can be prepared in Channa, Horse gram, peas, Low fat sprouts are good for diabetic patients too.. are you planing to keep a diet?? then This post is for you only.. add this to  your diet chart and make a healthy life..
Here All you need is a Serving HotPot, I saw this technique in my Aarthi’s page, more than a year I’m using the same method to make sprouts at home, earlier i was like who’ll do these kind of jobs in home.. better will go to the market and grab some sprouts packet in basket.. but after trying this, i felt does it seems this much easier than anything.. Making sprouts help a lot to make many more nutritious recipes here, Fruit salad, Veg salad, Sprouts salad, all i use the sprouts as a basic ingredient.. Okay here you go with the Procedure.. Don forget to subscribe the page and don’t miss a single post.. get your updates directly to your mail, Do try and let me know you experience..

Green Moong dhal/Pachai payiru/Paasi Paruppu- 1 cup
Water- 1.5 cup

1. Wash and Clean the Green gram, take this in a bowl, add water to this, allow this sit for 6hours in room temperature..

IMG 7182

2. After 6hours, you’ll see the green gram mostly absorbs the water..

IMG 7186

 3. Drain out the water, And put the Green gram in a Hot Pot, Cover this and put this in the unplugged microwave for 8 hours, if you don’t have a microwave, just keep them out.. After 8 hours you’ll see the sprouts germinate..

IMG 7187

 4. Here is my Sprouts, How beautiful isn’t…

IMG 7255

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