Kadalai Urundai/Groundnut Balls/ Candied Groundnuts

Kadalai Urundai/Groundnut Balls/ Candied Groundnuts
Kadalai Urundai2Kadalai Urundai/Groundnut Balls, All time favorite Kadalai Urundai, This was in the draft for over 2 months back, i should post this on Karthigai deepam, Though i was in the preparation for Christmas and New year I missed this lovely post..

Groundnuts had lot of health benefits, this is a tasty in anyway, in raw, boiled, fried, this nuts taste great.. this tasty nuts mixed with jaggery syrup In south India Kadalai mittai, is a traditional sweet, Candied Groundnuts, Jaggery syrup consistency is a important, just give more attention for one string consistency, Only one step that too do with more care for perfect crunchy balls, if the jaggery syrup didn’t get the proper consistency, nuts will go soggy, if the syrup cross the consistency, much difficult to mix..Let you go with the recipe and Do try and drop your words in comment session..

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Kadalai Urundai/Groundnut Balls

Recipe Cuisine:Indian  |  Recipe Category: Snacks
Prep Time: 20 mins    |  Cook time: 30 mins    |  Serves: 4



Ground nut 2 cups
Jagggery 3/4 cup
Ghee/Oil 2-3 tsp
Water 1/4-1/2 cup


 1. In a Kadai Dry roast the Ground nuts in low medium flame for 20-25 mins, make sure not to burn the nuts, make them cool..

Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 13 47 PM
 2. Crush the Roasted nuts with your hands, seperate the nuts and skin..
Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 14 07 PM
 3. Take the Jaggery in a pan, add some water and melt the jaggery and strain out if it had any dust, i used good quality  jaggery.. 
Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 14 29 PM
 4. Melt them boil the jaggery and bring this to one string condition..
Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 14 47 PM
 5. Just drop the jaggery syrup to a cup of water, the syrup should not dissolve in it.. and exactly you have to form a ball out the drop.. now add the roasted Ground nuts and mix them well.. 
Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 15 09 PM
6. Grease your hands with ghee or oil, make a rough ball out of it.. have to do this step in quick process, before the content get cool.. 
Screen Shot 2014 12 09 at 2 16 07 PM
 7. And shape out the groundnut balls and serve..Store in air tight container.. 
IMG 6735


  • Dry Roast the Nuts in low-medium flame.
  • Don add more water to make jaggery syrup.
  • Shape the balls as soon as possible, once they enough to handle with your hands..
  • Store in air tight container..

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Kadalai Urundai2

“Kadalai Urundai/Groundnut Balls”
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