Vazhaipoo Koottu/Banana Flower Curry

Vazhaipoo Koottu/Banana Flower Curry
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 Im With one more Delicious Curry made of banana flower/Vazhaipoo… This is mom’s recipe.. She make all the south Tamilnadu dish, especially these kind of koottu, Already i posted few recipes with Vazhaipoo/Banana Flower, All are our stable foods..

This is a must try delicious koottu, usually vazhaipoo had lot of health benefits, Cleaning this flower took lot of time, and mostly young generation will not mind this vegetable in the market, very healthy vegetable, my previous post i clearly explained the cleaning of flower, Can clean the flowers and store them in airtight containers, to start with a fresh morning, chop them and soak them in the buttermilk, and use it of.. then complete bowl of curry was vanished with lunch, usually i have some leftover to collect from the table, but this curry was a super hit here, my mom does this often , but i did this curry for the very first time with my mom’s instruction’s.. hope this post will help  you guys to learn a healthy curry, Do try and let me know how it turned for you. Don’t forget to subscribe my page and don’t miss a single post…

Click here to Know how to Clean the Vazhaipoo/Banana flower with video instruction
Vazhaipoo Vadai/Banana Flower Vadai
Vazhaipoo Curry/Banana Flower Curry

Vazhaipoo Koottu/Banana Flower Curry

Recipe Cuisine:Indian  |  Recipe Category: Curry
Prep Time: 20 mins   |  Cook time: 30  mins    |  Serves: 2



Banana Flower(Cleaned) 2 cups
Oil 2 tsp
Mustard 1/2 tsp
Channa Dhal 1/2 tsp
Urad Dhal 1/2 tsp
Moong Dhal 1/2 cup
Onion 1/4 cup chopped
CurryLeaves 1 spring
Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp
Perrungayam/Hing 1/4 tsp
Salt as needed

To Grind

Coconut 1/4 cup
Pearl Onion/Sambar Onion/Chinna Vengayam 4-5 nos
Green Chilie 2-3 nos
Curry Leaves 2 spring
Jeera 1 tsp



 1. Ingredients to grind, Take them in a mixer and grind them coarsely without adding water..

 IMG 8197
 2. Clean the banana blossom, chop them and soak in buttermilk..(to learn how to clean banana flower Click here)..
IMG 8199
 3. Cook the moong dhal and set them aside, Pressure cook it for 2 whistles, here i used my new earthen pot to cook the dhal..  
IMG 8213
 4. Heat a pan with oil, temper the mustard, Urad dhal, channa dhal, let them pop out.
IMG 8203
 5. Add in the Chopped onion and curry leaves to the pan..saute the onions till they turn translucent.. 
IMG 8204
 6. Add the Chopped Flowers by squeeze them out from the butter milk..Cover and cook this for few mins.. 
IMG 8205
 7. Add the Grinded masala, Turmeric powder, Hing/Perrungayam, salt to the pan.
IMG 8209
 8. Saute them well and cook them till the banana flowers are done.. 
IMG 8212
 9 Add in the Cooked dhal and mix them bring this to boil and off he flame..
IMG 8214


    • This Curry is a kootu(Semi Gravy) kind of recipe, if  you want to make this as dry, then cook them to dry, if you want a gravy kind of curry , then add a cup of water and boil it, adjust the salt also.. 
    • Can add some dry red chilli in tempering, it gives a different flavour.
    • Adjust the Spice level in green chill.. 


Vazhaipoo Kootu3
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Cleaning bananah flower
See you guys in my next interesting post, Stay Tuned.. 

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