Dhal Makhani

Dhal Makhani
Dhal Makhani 2Dhal makhani, one of the most popular cuisine in Punjabi.. this was my long waited recipeTongue, my neighbour(Barkha) helped a lot for this recipe, she taught me the recipe in clear with line by line details..should thank her a lot for this recipe, the taste was simply superb there is no words to describe the taste.

My story with Rajama was so bad, once i tried rajma curry almost 3 years back, such a flop i facedTongue, this time i attend a partyTongue in my neighbour’s house there she prepared this delicious mouth watering curry, and she did the best Dhal Makhani which i tasted, with her help i learnt a super duper recipe.. Urad dhal is really a healthy dhal, i have very few recipes with this dhal, but this is the first post here using this dhal.. this goes perfect with Naan, Roti, Chappati, Paratha, pulao too.. I love this, love this, love this, even I’m craving this delicious curry now while I’m updating the post too.. now i hope you guys can feel the taste of it.. and Dont miss to Write your valuable comments in the comment session, Dont forget to subscribe the page and Dont miss a single post.. Cook Happy Stay HealthyTongue..

Dhal Makhani 4

Dhal Makhani

Recipe Cuisine: North Indian  |  Recipe Category: Side dish for Roti/Chappathi
Prep Time: 12-14 hrs    |  Cook time: 60 mins-90 mins   |  Serves: 4-6



Urad dhal 1 cup
Kidney Bean/Rajma/Red Bean 1/4 cup
Oil 3 tsp
Butter 2 tsp
Jeera 1 tsp
Fresh Cream/Heavy cream 2-4 tsp
Bay Leaf 1/2 leaf
Onion 2 large
Ginger 1 inch
Garlic 8-9 pods
Tomato 4-5 large
Salt as needed
Chillie Powder 1.5 tsp
Coriander Powder 1 tsp
Turmeric Powder 1/2 tsp
Graham masala 1/2 tsp
Coriander Leaves 2 tsp chopped
Ghee(Optional) 1 tsp



 1. Soak Urad dhal and rajama/red bean for 6-8 hours, over night soaking recommended.

IMG 9114
 2. Pressure cook the Urad dhal and Rajma for 40-50 mins in low flame, add salt need for the dhal..
IMG 9116
 3. Mash the Dhal well and set aside..
IMG 9121
 4. Roughly chop the onion, Garlic and ginger, Grind onion Separately, Grind Ginger and garlic together and set aside, Grate the Tomatoes and set aside.
IMG 9115
 5.  Heat the Pan with Oil, butter, Temper with Jeera, Bay leaf..
IMG 9117
 6. Add the Grounded Onion paste and put the flame to low, cook this for 15-20 mins..  
IMG 9118
 7. Add the Ginger Garlic paste ad fry this for few mins..
IMG 9119
 8. Add the grated Tomatoes and fry for 30 mins in low flame..
IMG 9120
 9. Cook the tomatoes till they fries up and the oil ooze out from the masala..
IMG 9123
 10. Add the chill powder, Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder, Graham masala, and salt to the pan..
IMG 9125
 11. Again fry the masala for 10 mins low flame..
IMG 9127
 12. Add the mashed dhal and mix them well..
IMG 9128
 13. Add Ghee, chopped Coriander Leaves and mix well
IMG 9129
 14. Switch off the flame and add the fresh cream/Heavy Cream and mix well ..
IMG 9130


    • Over Night Soaking results the best, or soak the Urad dhal and Rajma in hot water for 6 hours.
    • Adjust the spice level in masala to your taste buds..
    • Adding heavy cream or fresh cream is must for the real restaurant taste.. adding ghee and heavy cream in the final stage is the real taste of this recipe.. 
    • This is a slow cook recipe, Real taste hide in frying tomato and onion, it taste too good how long it takes to cook, minimum it need 30-40 mins to cook the onion and tomato in low flame.. 

Dhal Makhani 1

Dhal Makhani 3

“Dhal Makhani”


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