Tamarind Chutney

Tamarind Chutney
Tamarind Chutney2
Sweet Tangy Hot Chutney.. first time i tried in home for Vada Pav.. This chutney make me crazy to lick my fingers like anything.. i was damn flat for this taste.. in a doubt i tried, but really i should admit here fro the super sparkling chutney.. can’t believe the taste first time I’m tasting a dip with Sweet in one corner Spicy in one corner and Tangy in the other corner..

When i plan to make vada pav, i thought i had the Pav buns, and other preparation will not take time to finish.. but it didn’t cooking and in the  mean while clicking the procedure to record here is a difficult task, coz i drove a four station photoshop on that day, by running here and there to not miss any single thing, to stop repeating the recipe.. that too only myself love chaat here.. and where i will find a way to serve all the chaat.. i did it very carefully and the result was super awesome.. hope this post will help you learn about the chutney.. This chutney can be used for sandwich too..
Tamarind Chutney3

Tamarind Chutney

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Chutney or dip
Prep Time: 10 mins   |  Cook time: 10 mins    |  Serves: 1/2 cup


Tamarind 2 big pieces or 6-8 small pieces 
Dates 1/4 cup
Cumin Powder 1/4- 1/2tsp
Jaggery Powder 1/4 cup
Chilly Powder 1 tsp



Remove the Seeds and Chop them, as well remove the Seeds and Strings of the tamarind.. take them in pan or sauce pan.. 
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Add a cup of water to it.. preferably add a cup of hot water to cook them fast.. if its a normal room temperature water, no probs it took more 5-10 mins to cook.. 
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Let them boil..you can see the tamarind and dates will be soft in texture, and water quality will be reduced some what.. don’t let the water to reduce less than half the amount..  
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Add in the Grated jaggery, While adding jaggery the mix will get a thick syrupy consistency.. mix well to dissolve the jaggery.. 
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Add a tsp of chilli powder and 1/4 tsp of cumin powder.. put the flame to low and cook this for -3mins.. 
Thumb IMG 0589 1024
Here comes the Sparkling Tamarind chutney.. 
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  • If you are doing in a Large quantity, then Strain the mix and remove the Tamarind and dates pieces.. if so add few teaspoons of water to strain the mix, and if the plan is it to store for more than 10 days, then recook them and bring the content to thick consistent as earlier and store them in a air tight container.. 
  • I did a small batch i didn’t strain it.. we love the cooked does and tamarind pieces as it is.. 

Tamarind Chutney1

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