Hair Oil for Hair Fall

Hair Oil for Hair Fall
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Hair oil, nowadays hair fall is the major problem in every home.. I faced a lot of hair fall problem for the past few months.. when i come through with lot of notes and tips from others.. all suggested  the curry leaf oil..

Few of my friends tried this oil and they had a great result.. No need to apply this oil for all the day.. just only one teaspoon of oil is enough to wet the hair roots.. give a good massage your fingers around the hair roots with this oil. leave it for 30 mins, and wash your hair, can apply some mild shampoo or normal wash with water is also enough.. i use this oil for thrice in a day, for the past 2 weeks I’m using this amazing oil, it reduces the hair fall, and i can feel some health touch in my hair..
While washing your hair, you should dry the wet hair completely, if you have dry hair, don’t use dryer.. Towel dry is he best one.. it take 10 -15 mins to give a towel dry.. why not giving  a attention of 10-15 mins to your hair.. this(hair) is your sign rite.. use fan in full speed to dry your hair, table fan can easily dry your hair.
I felt some burnt smell in my oil, yes mom told if the oil doesn’t boiled to good enough, oil will spoil easily, so i diid it till they turn crispy and dark, and the oil had a mild burnt smell.. thats why i suggest this oil before hair wash.. don’t let your hair sticky with oil, sticky hair easily absorbs the dirt and dust, that forms a base in hair root and starts to spoil your hair, so always keep your hair fresh and healthy.. This is my 64th post..
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Hair Oil For Hair Loss

Coconut Oil 200 ml
Curry Leaves a handfull
Jeera 1 tsp
Pepper 1 tsp
Garlic 5-6 pods



Fresh Curry leaves from home.. 
IMG 1472
In a mixer, take fresh curry leaves, Jeera, Pepper and garlic.. 
IMG 1473
Crush them without adding water.. 
IMG 1474
Transfer the grounded item to the pan, add oil to the pan.. 
IMG 1475
Bring this to boil in medium flame. 
IMG 1476
Greeny greeny oil will boil and some good flavour will fill your kitchen.. 
IMG 1477
In medium flame, with in 15 mins, the oil will turn brown.. this is the time to switch off the flame.. 
IMG 1478
Make them cool and strain the oil to remove the dirt.. 
IMG 1487
Here i got less than 200ml of oil, some how the grounded mixture drink some oil.. if you can squeeze out by your hands.. 
IMG 1488

Hair Oil2

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