Seempaal/Colestrum Milk/Junnu Paalu

Seempaal/Colestrum Milk/Junnu Paalu
SeemPaal/Colsetrum Milk/Junn Paal, Luckily i got first milk of cow from local area.. This is so special in taste and very healthy for kids.. as this contains lot of nutritious value, this one is so special for kids too..

Very firs time I’m doing this, but heard a lot from my MIL and from my neighbour.. and asked her how to use this.. she shared some tips. to serve immediately try this recipe.. and totally this is too yum..  Mil had a dry recipe of this, will share in my next post.. this can served as chilled for good taste..And this is my 62nd post..

SeemPaal/Colestrum Milk/Junn Paal

Recipe Cuisine: Indian
Prep Time: 0 mins | Cook time: 1hour | Serves: 4-5


SeemPaal/Full Fat Milk/First Milk of Cow 1 ltr
Sugar/Jaggery 1/4 cup(depends to taste)
Cardamom 2 nos 



Full Fat Milk, Take the full fat(Seempaal) in a wide heavy bottomed vessel.. i used small pot first then i changed to a big one.. 
Thumb IMG 1263 1024
Bring this to bowline.. i put the flame in sim and left it around 20-30 mins to boil.. and definitely now i need to change the vessel.. 
Thumb IMG 1264 1024
Once the Milk boiled well, it turns to separate the channa.. in this stage add enough sugar or filtered jaggery syrup to the pot.. and add some crushed cardamom too.. 
Thumb IMG 1268 1024
Adjust the flame and boil this well..
Thumb IMG 1267 1024
Once the water reduced half, serve this hot or serve as chilled.. 
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