SeemPaal/Thiratipaal/Junnu Paalu

SeemPaal/Thiratipaal/Junnu Paalu
Seempaal6SeemPaal/Junnu Paalu/Thiratipaal, this is the second recipe on SeemPaal, i love this sweet crumbs to munch on my free time, they are so delicious like Palkova.. Such a healthy one, highly nutritious to kids..

From the day we start our living in our new home, we buy milk from the near by village.. the lady she supply milk is too good, there is collar up for home bought one know, more than the store bought or packed one.. few days back she told this was Junnu Paalu, Cook this with sugar.. I don’t have that much idea on it.. then i asked my Mil and my neighbour friend about this, the both shared their recipe, earlier post was my Mil’s recipe, which can serve instantly, but this one took some time to end up.. This can be stored in refrigerator for 10-15 days.. totally love this sweet crumbs, they resemble palkova, but they are not soft like plakova.. hope this post will be helpful for you..  this is my 63rd post..

SeemPaal/Thiratipaal/Junnu Paalu

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Dessert
Prep Time: 5 mins | Cook time:  50 mins- 60 mins | Serves: 5-6


Colostrum Milk/Cow’s First milk 1 ltr
Sugar/Jaggery 1/4 cup
Cardamom 2-3 nos



Cow’s First milk, this milk is very thick.. 
Thumb IMG 1263 1024
Bring this to boil.. once they boiled they starts to curdle..
Thumb IMG 1264 1024
I transferred the boiled milk to a big, heavy bottomed pot.. add some crushed cardamom and bring this boil, no matter in which flame you do, all you need is keep an eye on it.. 
Thumb IMG 1267 1024
In the mean time i put some jaggery in a microwave safe bowl, add some splash of water, microwave this for 2-3 mins to dissolve the jaggery.. you can do the jaggery syrup in stove top too.. 
Thumb IMG 1279 1024
Filter out the jaggery syrup upto the milk.. 
Thumb IMG 1280 1024
Bring this to boil, boil and boil
Thumb IMG 1281 1024
Cook till the water dries up, and you form a thick consistent in the bottom.. can refrigerate this for 10-15 days.. 
Thumb IMG 1282 1024


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