Musk melon Juice

This post is for BM#227 week 3 Day 3, Under Seasonal theme im posting this to refresh the dry throat… Musk melon fruit, which has 80% of water content and it’s a family of Cucumber… Kirihini palam, cantaloupe are the other names for this fruit…

Such a full filled refreshing drink it is…. it’s common in summer all around the markets…

Muskmelon- 1 cup chopped
Sugar- 2 tsp
Water- 1/4 cup

Cut the fruit into half and scoop out the seeds , peel out the skin or scoop out fruit as your wish
In a blender put your chopped fleshy fruit cubes and sugar, blend to a smooth paste, add the water mix them to a clean glass, can top with ice cubes and enjoy the summer refreshing easy peasy drink..
It’s ready to serve

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  • Priya Suresh

    Love this juice very much, am waiting to get some musk melon now.You guys are tempting me with ur juices.

  • Archana Potdar

    I better buy some musk melon now. This juice looks yummy

  • Foodiliciousnan

    I did not know musk melon was from the cucumber family! Interesting to know. Perfect juice for summer months

  • Srivalli

    Nice and bright!..I have always eaten this as such..never much into juice!

  • Pallavi Purani

    This pulpy fruit is a life giver at times. Summers are blessed to have such fruits 🙂

  • Chitz

    Healthy & refreshing juice 🙂

  • Pavani N

    Simple and refreshing drink.

  • Rajani S

    I like this fruit and the juice looks good

  • Manju

    All time favorite juice,