Mango Kulfi

Mango Kulfi.. I know this recipe is very late for this summer.. sorry it was drafted to post 2 wks before.. and now this i get time to click the publish button..;)

Already i posted Kulfi ice for this summer.. and this year i don’t want to miss the mango kulfi too.. its a delicious yummy kulfi, must have this for summer..  its a simple preparation as like normal kulfi, adding mango puree to the normal kulfi makes the delicious mango kulfi… All loves the kulfi without saying no… I’m very happy with the result.. also the mango i used for this kulfi is not bright in color.. thats why mykulfi in pale color.. use good bright yellow mango pulp for colorful kulfi.. Also in my previous kulfi recipe, i got lots of mails and messages, where did you get the kulfi mould, here is my answer and i shared a new way to do the kulfi without the mould.. hope all my users can try this kulfi, i bought my mould in a grocery store(Super market), okay lets go with the recipe first..

Preparation time- 10 mins
Cooking Time- 30 mins
Freezing time- 8 hrs
Serves- 6

Milk- 2 cups
Mango- 1 or Mango Pulp- 1 cup
Condensed milk- 1/2 cup
Sugar- 1/4 cup
Corn Flour- 1 tsp
Saffron- 5-6 strands
Almonds/Badham- 3-4 nos


* Soak Saffron in 2 tsp warm milk, mix the corn flour with 2 tsp of milk to make corn starch, Peel and chop the ripped mango and grind it smooth in a mixer.

* Boil the milk and reduce the quantity to half… put the flame to low, add in the condensed milk and mix well..

* Add the soaked saffron to the milk and boil it for 2  mins in low flame..

* Add the Corn starch to the milk and mix well, stir well, with in few mins the milk will thicker in consistency.. add in the sugar and stir well till they dissolve..

* Here the step to making mango puree, peel de-seed the mangoes and grind it in a mixer to make puree.

* Add the mango puree to milk mix..

* Mix them well, if the mangoes are not smooth, then grind it again in a mixer when its cooled.

* Add in the chopped Almonds to the milk..

* Take the kulfi mould and fill it with the milk mix..

* Cover them with a foil, tightly seal the foil paper..

* Slit over the foil paper with a sharp knife, insert the ice-cream stick to each kulfi.

* The same step in repeat with the small tumbler..

* Refrigerate this for 8 hours in freezer..

* Once they set out, take the mould and tumbler, show it under the running water from tap.. slowly shake out the stick and take the kulfi out without breaking the kulfi’s.

* Use ripe and sweet mango give the best result…
* Use thick milk to creamy texture.
* Corn starch, gives a sticky nature to the kulfi, if don’t like it, then boil the milk till they reduce and thick in consistency.
* Can use almonds, pista, Cashews of your choice.
* Due to my mango, my kulfi didn’t get bright yellow color.. bright color depend on the mango you use..

All done

hurry up, try this soon

“Mango Kulfi”

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