Chocolate Peda/Instant Chocolate peda

 Chocolate Peda.. Last week i posted the milk Peda in instant version.. and followed by that post this a easy and another instant Peda… I love milk Peda much, other than this one is jess babe’s favorite listed.. he love any thing with chocolate/Cocoa flavor… 

It’s the same cheating version like milk Peda.. making a traditional Peda is not a easy one.. have to cook it till the milk evaporates.. need more and more patience, this is also a instant and easy dessert.. i made 15 pieces in one batch.. Using only 3 main ingredients and within 15 mms can u imagine a super delicious rocking treat.. one more day for diwalli.. this can be your last minute preparation.. try this easy instant Peda.. and enjoy your festival with joy.. i wish you all a “Happy Diwali”…Here you go with the recipe…

 Milk Peda.

25 Diwali Sweets  

Chocolate Peda

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Dessert  I Prep Time: 5 mins   |  Cook time: 15 mins    |  Serves: 15 pieces


Milk Powder 100gms
Condensed Milk 1/2 tin
Cocoa Powder 5ogms
Ghee 2 tsp
Pista 10 nos chopped



 1. Take the milk powder, Cocoa Powder and condensed milk in a non stick pan, mix them without forming any clumps…

  2. Start boiling the pan in medium flame.. stir continuously.. with in few mins the mixture start to thick.. and you’ll see the second stage here..
 3. Start mixing continuously and then the color change, once the color got changed handle it very carefully , stir them well and roll them from the pan..
 4. Atlast it’ll roll from the pan like this.. without sticking to the bottom.. make it warm enough to cool.. Knead the mx to a dough…grease your palm with ghee..
  5. Pinch a lemon sized ball from the  dough and roll them out.. make it flat and seal your thumb in the center…
  6. All shaped well here.. and fill some chopped pista to the peda’s…


    • Mix them without forming any lumps…
    • When you start cooking, don’t thaw your hands off, continuously stir for a better result.. so that kneading will be little easy…
    • If the mixture is undercooked it’ll stick in your mouth.. if the mixture is over cooked, it goes like chewy…
    • Don’t cool them completely, so the making shapes will be difficult..
    • Adding pista is optional…

“Chocolate Peda”
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  • Julie

    yummy chocolaty …

  • Poornima hegde

    Wow the color on the peda is superb.. looks mouthwatering!