Fish Biriyani

Fish Biriyani/Fish Dum Biriyani, Never i thought to make this rice bowl in home.. but it was long waited recipe to give a taste.. atlas i tried this in home and tasted this yum yum biriyani..

Last week i was in a chat with Asiya akka..she shared a virtual treat for me.. there i saw this fish biriyani, and asked her about the procedure and method.. she shared her recipe link and gave some tips to make it easy.. and last time in fish market i saw this king fish and bought this for the yummy biriyani, i love this fish Biriyani alot, it taste too good with good flavor.. This delicious biryani took some time to prepare.. i was too panic of the fish, yes very carefully and in a slow process i did this dhum biriyani.. This is a special recipe for christmas.. Mostly in my Mom’s home, the plate will filled with Fish, Fish is a regular and staple food in my place.. so for festival and occasion, they prefer chicken mutton and other non veg items.. All the Chicken mutton is not so good for health, But Fish this can have time, Fish is meant to be a comfort non veg food.. So this flavorful biryani is going to fill your home on the Special, Festival Occasions.. Once again i thank Asiya akka for the recipe.. Here you go with the recipe, do try this delicious Rice Bowl, share your experience too…

Fish Biriyani

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Lunch
Prep Time: 3 hours    |  Cook time: 1 hour    |  Serves: 2-3


Basmathi Rice 2 cups
King Fish 500gms
Ghee 2 tsp
Oil 1/4 cup
Onion 1 large
Tomato 2 medium nos
Salt as needed
Mint Leaves a handful
Coriander Leaves a handful
Chillie Powder 2 tsp
Corriander Powder 2 tsp
Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp
Graham Masala 1/2 – 1 tsp
Egg 1 nos
Corn Flour 2 tsp
Yellow/Orange Food Color a pinch, dilute with  tsp of milk

Whole Spices

Bay Leaf 1 nos
Fennel Seeds 1 tsp
Coves 2 nos
Cinnamon 2 nos
Cardamon 2 nos
Star Anise 1 nos crushed

To Marinate

Chillie Powder 3 tsp
Coriander Powder 2 tsp
Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp
Salt as needed
Ginger Garlic Paste 1 tsp

To Grind

Onion 1 medium
Tomato 1 medium
Ginger 1 inch
Garlic 2 pods
Mint and Corinader Leaves 2-3 springs in each


 1. Wash and clean the Fish pieces, Take the ingredients to marinate, which is under marinate table.. make a paste of the ingredients by sprinkling some water..

 2. Spread the masala to the fish and marinate this for 1-2 hours, keep the marinated fish in refrigerator, before start cooking the fishes, beat a egg and corn flour in bowl..
 3. Add this egg mix to the marinated fish.. heat a quad with oil and deep fry them and set aside..
 4. Here is the fried fish and chopped tomato, onion and ginger garlic paste..
 5. Take onion, tomato, ginger, garlic, coriander leaves, mint leaves in a mixer and grind it to a smooth paste.
 6. Take all the whole spices and set aside, heat a pan with ghee and oil, fry the whole spices..
 7.In the mean time take the bismuth rice, wash and clean, bring this to boil with 6 cups of water add salt to the rice..
 8. Fry the onions till they turn translucent, fry the ginger garlic paste..
 9. 15-20 mins the rice will cook to 80 %, Once you find the rice was half cooked switch off the flame and drain out the water.. and come to the gravy preparation, add chopped tomatoes to the quad and cook this till they turn mushy and ooze to the oil..
 10. Add the grinded paste and cook this till they done.. and add chilly powder, coriander powder, graham masala, Turmeric powder, add salt and cook this till they remove the raw smell..
 11. Take a pressure cooker, drop few tsp of oil in the bottom, drain the rice from the pot and layer the rice, then the masala..
 12. Then arrange the fried fish pieces, again layer it with half cooked rice, spread masala.
 13. Arrange the fried fished, then layer it with rice.. do the procedure if you are doing in a large qunatity..
14. Dilute the food color in 2 tsp of milk and sprinkle of the rice, and load the chopped mint and coriander leaves over the rice.. close the pressure cooker, heat a tawa and place the pressure cooker over the tawa, let the pressure cooker sit on the hot tawa for 20-25 mins with out weight.. once you switch off the flame put on the weight and keep it for 20-30 mins.. once all done take the pressure cooker open it and fluff up with a forks, carefully fluff without breaking the fish pieces.. sever this with your favorite, raita, and side dishes.. 


  • Over night marination for fish gives you a best result.
  • Can use any fish, but make sure it has less bones.. i preferred king fish here, which is less bones in it..
  • Don’t cook the rice completely, if the rice was fully done, in dhum procedure, rice will spoil..
  • You can use your stable biryani procedure for the masala preparation..

“Fish Biriyani”

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  • Asiya Omar

    Your way of fish briyani looks really very delicious and the pics are mouth watering.

  • Jayanthi Sindhiya

    Biryani looks flavourful,I haven't tried biryani with fish alone,but after seeing urs will try for sure.

  • Ree Kasirajh

    Very yummy fish briyani…very well presented!!

  • Babitha costa

    i too want to try fish biryani for a long.will do soon,nice virtual treat

  • mullaimadavan

    Very tempting Biryani! We don't get a lot of fresh fish here in Michigan, what other fish would be good choice?