Beetroot Jam

Beetroot Jam, I have a few beetroot flashbacks in my precious post, which i did with beetroots.. Before vacation I’m in a force to finish all the beetroots, so to finish them easily i prepare this home made beetroot jam, and always homemade jams had a special unique flavor in it.. as like it, this one had a great taste and this jam is prepared without any colors and preservatives..

Earlier i tried few homemade jams in home, like pineapple and papaya, but I’m not sure some time i failed to get the the exact soft texture, some time the texture may go sticky and goey, This time I’m very careful in the steps, exactly i got the result what i expected, as this a homemade jame without any preservatives or color, this had very less shelf life, but can keep this in refrigerator to extend the shelf life.. this jam impressed me a lot, with the bright red color, beetroots always had a sweet taste in it, don’t know how i force myself to try this, but this is a worthy trail to have a vegetable in the form of jam, this is a great recipe for kids, This jam attracts kids with this bright color and sweet taste.. Hope this post helps you guys to learn about the healthy homemade jam..

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Beetroot Jam

Recipe Cuisine:Indian  |  Recipe Category: Jam
Prep Time: 10 mins    |  Cook time: 45 mins    |  Serves: 1.5 cups



Beetroot 2 nos
Sugar 3/4 cup
Lime 1/4 piece or 1/2 tsp
Water 3/4 cup



 1. Wash and peel the Beetroots, Chunk them into cubes.. 

2. In a Pressure Cooker, Take the Beetroots with water, Pressure cook this for 2 whistles..  

3.All done, make them cool..

 4. Take only the Pieces not the stock.. Make sure once again all in room temperature before you blending 
 5. Blend this well to a smooth paste..  
 6. Transfer the paste to a kadai, wash the blender using the stock, and add them to the pan..  
7. Boil them , Cook this for 10 mins in medium high flame.. They start to shrink..  
 8. Add in the Sugar and Mix them well.. 
 9. Once the sugar melts, again the content lose the texture..  
10. Stir continuously and cook them for another 10 mins in medium high flame, now slowly the color will get changed..  
11. The whole content start to leaves the sides of the pan.. Stir continuously.. 
12. Squeeze the lime juice in it.. see I’m using 1/4 piece of lime, very little quantity, it need only 3-4 drops of juice,  otherwise the sore taste will dominate..  
13. Stir well and make them cool, store in a clean air tight bottle. 


    • Keep them in refrigerator for a month of shelf life..
    • Room temperature leads this jam for 3-4 days of shelf life..
    • Make sure in the last step, if you cook more, the jam will go sticky like a candy.. to get the perfect texture, keep an eye on it.. 
    • Adding lime juice, prevent the sugar from crystallization.. 

“Beetroot Jam”


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