Custard Jelly-New year 2015

Happy New Year 2015 To you all.. Last year With God’s Grace i had a successful journey with this blog.. I Thank all my readers, viewers, friends and family for the love.. This year i had so many plans here.. I wish you all to have Joy, Peace, Love and Good health to Fill the complete Year.. Have a Blessed Year Friends..

Jelly custard kids friends dessert, kids love custard and Jelly a lot, then how the combining the both, they both play a awe roll and filling dessert..Custard is one of the easy dessert to make in home.. plain custard itself taste great, then how about adding some cake pieces, chopped favorite fruits… so pleasant to hear isn’t, attractive bowl of custard is always kids favorite.. this is the second time I’m preparing jelly in home.. Jess Love to have Jelly a lot.. custard is one of my childhood favorite dessert, combination of both jelly and custard tickles the taste buds.. Go below for the complete recipe..

Custard Jelly

Recipe Cuisine:Indian  |  Recipe Category:Dessert
Prep Time: 2 hours    |  Cook time: 30 mins    |  Serves: 4-5



Jelly Pack 1 pack
Custard Powder 5-6 tsp
Milk 500 ml 
Apple 1/2 nos
Orange 1/2 nos
Pomegranate 5-6 tsp
Vanilla Cake 2 pieces 



 1. Here the Jelly pack and Custtard powder which i choose for this recipe.. Boil a cup of water.. follow the instruction back to prepare Jelly..

 2. Open the Jelly crystal in a mixing bowl, add in the boiled water and mix well.. stir well to break the balls..
 3. Transfer the Jelly mix to your serving bowl, if you have more jelly mix then put them in a box and use later.. now refrigerate the bowls or 30 mins..
 4. Take custard powder in a bowl add in the warm milk and mix well..
 5. Start boil the milk once the milk boiled add in the custard powder mix to the milk..
 6. Bring this mix to boil in low medium flame.. cook till the milk turns creamy texture.. any difficulty in forming creamy texture, again mix a some custard powder with warm milk and add the mix to the milk..
 7. This is how the creamy texture should.. now take the fresh fruits..
 8. Peel and Chop the apples, peel and pulp out the orange..
 9. Add in some pomegranate, Now add the custard..
  10. Take the jelly bowls, Sprinkle some crushed cake add the custard fruit over it.. serve chill or in room temperature.. top with some cherries and tutti-frutti..


    • Follow the instructions in the  jelly packet and custard packet for more perfect result..
    • Can add more fruits of your favorite..
    • instead of vanilla cake, you can use plum cake for taste change..
    • Choose any of your favorite favored custard and jelly.

“Custard Jelly”
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  • Delectable Flavours

    I have a pack of jelly…now I know what I can make!!!They look so colourful and tasty! Happy new year!

  • Julie

    colorful start dear,yummy!
    Happy New Year to u n family 🙂