Mango Juice

Mango Juice, Who will say no for this Juice.. From kids to elders all love to relish a cup of mango juice in Hot summer.. And This Year I’m very late with the Mango Recipes.. and this is my first mango recipe of the year..

Love this Pulpy juice in anytime.. If there is a way to make healthy juice in home, then why there is a need of Foorti, Slice and Mazza??, You might thing what is the difficult part in it, and for what this post has been here.. Most of the young ladies docent know to cut mango fruit.. Includes myself too.. in my childhood my mom does the job, she cleans the fruit, peel them and slice it out.. That time it’ll be big and tedious job, once i saw one of my friend(Neighbour) cut the mangoes like this.. i was inspired and following the same method.. here in this post i shared the cutting procedure, and the next question, is this a tough job to make mango juice.. I say yes.. Once in a restaurant we ordered for mango juice.. that was so pulpy and heavy to drink.. i didn’t feel like a juice, Mango juice can be pulpy but should give a heaviness, it’s like pulpy pudding.. even a restaurant doesn’t know the trick then how it can a vision for others?? finally i found a good mango juice recipe from my aunt.. and here you go.. Do try and let me know your experience..

Mango Juice

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: juice
Prep Time: 5 mins  |  Cook time: 0 mins    |  Serves: 3-4


Mango 1 nos
Sugar 3-4 tsp
Water 1-2 cups
Ice Cubes 4-5 pcs



 1. Peel of the Mango using a peeler or using a sharp knife, i used my favourite “Tupperware Peeler” how Nicely the Skin’s are peeled out..

2. Slit the mangoes as shown in the picture.. Slit Deeply for the Perfect pieces.. 
  3. Cut the Slitted side Deeply and Grab the Mango pieces in the Bowl.. do the same for the other side.. Mango completely pulp out the mangoes from the seed..
 4. Take the Mango pieces in a blender along with the mango, Add sugar and 1/2 cup of water to it..  
 5. Blend them well to form a smooth puree..
 6. Strain the mango puree by adding little more amount of water.. however there may fibres in the mango..
 7. Add desired amount of water and Sugar to the taste..


    • As much The juice is pulpy, it taste thick and rich. 
    • And the diluted Juice had a touch of Frooti.. 
    • Adjust he sugar and water to your taste.. 
    • Can use Cold water for better taste.. 

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