Multigrain Flour/Sathumavu

 Sathumavu, Multigrain Flour, few months back we bought manna health mix, and loved the health mix malt.. was in a very eager to prepare the flour in home.. and from the Manna ingredient list i found the names..

Make out a rough Ratio, hunt all the ingredients in the near by grocery shop, lucky i found all the ingredients.. Not at all a complicated ingredients in the list.. Feeling Very happy to share this Healthy recipe with you all..  Best for kids, not only for kids, from kids to adult this is full packed nutri balanced diet.. there is not much difference for the manna and the home made flour.. Can store this upto for a long time in a airtight container.. i do Malt, Ladoo with this flour.. Hope this post help you a lot.. And This is my Day7 of B365…

MultiGrain Flour/ Sathumavu 

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: Kitchen Basics
Prep Time: 2 hours     |  Cook time: 20  mins    |  Serves: 1.5 kg(approx)


Finger Millet/Ragi/கேழ்வரகு 250 gms(1/4 kg)
Wheat/ கோதுமை  
Pearl Millet/ கம்பு 250 gms(1/4 kg)
Sorgum/ சோளம் 250 gms(1/4 kg)
Maize/ மக்காசோளம் 250 Gms(1/4 kg)
Fried Channa Dhal/ பொட்டுக்கடலை 50 gms
Red Rice/ சம்பா அரிசி 25 gms
Green Gram/ பச்சை பயிறு 100 gms
Sago/ ஜவ்வரிசி 50 gms
Barley/ பார்லி 50 gms
Soya/ சோயா 5 gms
Groundnut/ நிலக்கடலை 50 gms
Cashew/ முந்திரி 5 gms
Badham/பாதாம் 5 gms
Yeallaki/ ஏலக்காய் 2-3 nos



These are ingredients Need for Multigrain Flour.. Measure them, dry roast them separately and set aside, bring them to Room temperature. 
Start with Ragi, Grind them in a mixer to a fine powder, Grind the ingredients one by one for good result.. 
Spread a newspaper, Sieve the Grounded powder..
Here is the Sieved flour.. 
Next with Pearl millet.. Grind them to a fine powder.. 
Sieve the flour along with the Ragi.. 
Now Sorghum, It take a bit long time to grind.. and sieve along with the flour. 
Take the small quantity Sago, Groundnut, Barley and grind to a fine powder.. and sieve them along with the flour..
Take Wheat and Green Gram and powder them finely.. Sieve and Add along with the Flour..
Take fried gram, Red rice, Cashew, Soya, Badham, Yellaki powder them finely and sieve along with the flour.. 
Finally the toughest part, Take the Maize and Ground them to a fine powder, it take a long time to finish the Grinding part..
Sieve them altogether, Now take the Waste part after sieved and Grind them to a fine powder and again sieve along with the flour do as many times possible, to reduce the waste.. 
Mix all the finely powdered flour and Store them in air tight container.. 


    • Fry the ingredients separately and Grind them separately.. this gives a bet result.. 
    • If you are planning to make in large quantity, then increase the ratio and grind them in the Flour mill.. 
    • If you grind the flour in mill, check for the texture weather it needs a sieve or not.. 
    • Once you Roast the ingredients allow them to cool completely.. 

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