Coconut Powder

Coconut Powder, this is a basic recipe.. This powder can be used in lot of various sweet dishes, desserts too.. last time when i was doing Laming-ton cake  i used a store bought coconut powder.. these coconut powder is super delicious when added to desserts and cakes.. i love the flavour of coconut powder in cake..

When I’m in the preparation for Honey Cake, again i need to buy a pack of coconut powder.. but this week i have no time to go out for shopping.. also i had few Kopra coconut in hands, atlast i thought to give a try in hand and here comes the home made Coconut powder.. This was utterly delicious in my Honey cake.. Hope this post will help to try coconut powder in home itself.. such a easy procedure, it was.. lets go to the procedure first.. all you need a only one ingredient to make this powder..

Coconut Powder

Recipe Cuisine: Indian  |  Recipe Category: BAsics
Prep Time: 10 mins   |  Cook time: 0 mins    


Dry Coconut/Kopra 1 nos



Take the Kopra Coconut and clean them using using kitchen towel, this is not a  store bought one.. 
Peel the Skin using a peeler, i used my “Tupperware Peeler” did a great job here, i didnt feel give much stress to peel this skin.. 
Here is well peeled Coconut.. 
Cut them into halves, sometime it had some dirts to clean, here the climate is not that hot so i got some fungus in it.. 
Dont wash the dirt, wipe them out using a towel.. 
Chop them roughly and put it into the blender.. 
Grind to a fine powder.. 


    • Dont use water to clean the copra coconut.
    • use a good strong peeler to peel them.. 
    • store them in air tight container and keep them refrigerate for it’s shelf life.. .

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