How to Clean Banana Stem/வாழைத்தண்டு சுத்தம் செய்வது

How To Clean Banan Stem, no need of any magical experience here, very simple basic post for kitchen beginners, been a long time i captured this content i put them in a folder, now though i felt to share it live, Mom does this job as jiffy, for me earlier this was bit hard, even mom helped me here to capture this post..

One thing if you didn’t clean the banana stem properly stir fried one will not taste good, lot of fibres are around the banana stem, should remove them carefully, can make some curry by chopping them into big pieces, then thooran this is the best of Banana stem, which we do often here, also for weight watchers, this banana stem juice can be consumed, not all the day can take this juice for once in 3-4 days.. and this is my 56th continuous post of Blogging..
Spread a newspaper and place the banana stem.. this newspaper helps out to collect the scattering things.. i usually use newspaper for grating coconut, for chopping vegetable, for peeling onion garlic, can easily remove the waste and i reuse the paper for atleast for a wk to 10 days.. 

Take a bowl of water, add some drops of curs and mix them well..  
Thinly slice the banana stem, roll your index finger over the stem, to collect the fibre, the one we cut doesn’t have that much fiber, in some variety you can get more fibre.. put the slices in the water, to avoid de-coloring 

 See how thinly the pieces are sliced.. 

 take two to three pieces and chop them vertically, use a chop board and a super sharp knife 
And now change the position and chop them horizontally.. all done, again drop the chopped pieces into the Water.. 
Finely chopped Banana stem, ready for a yummy thooran.. 

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Beginnershow to clean banana stemKitchen basicsவாழைத்தண்டு சுத்தம் செய்வது
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