How to devein Prawn/How to Clean prawn?

Most of people don’t know how to devein the prawn, they remove head and shell.. but not even mind to remove this dirt from this seafood, but this is must step to follow to remove the veins.. on my first attempt with prawn, my sister was their to help me..
She told me to remove the veins, and i was blinking at the second, then she does it for me.. and in recipes, i was instructed in a line “Devein the prawn and wash them” but i got a mail regard this question “How to devein prawn?” and for her I’m writing this post.. its not a rocket Science to know about the detail, but this would be help full for beginners, who start to cook.. And this is my 58th continuos post..
Remove the head and shell, hold the prawn as shown below, you can see the veins here.. 
Slit the mid using a sharp knife.. 
 You can remove the vein easily by picking it, some time the veins will be transparent.. 

See how it cleaned..  
Wash them in running water and set them aside, repeat the step for other prawns.. 
All done. now its ready to cook.. 

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