Nungu Sarbath

Nungu/Ice Apple Sarbath, Our K.K Dist Summer special drink. From Nagercoil to Trivandrum Road we have so many nungu shops, this Sarbath is a Peek drink during summer. Bright red colour attracts travellers to give it a try on this tummy chilling drink.

Nannari Syrup is the key ingredient to get a sparkling red colour in this drink. Nannari is a wonder herb which comes in handy during summer with its cooling medicinal nature. The syrup is made from the roots of nannari herb.I remember my childhood in our father’s village, near our grandma’s house few “Box shops”(Pettikadai) sells this sarbath, Carbonated drinks are not common in those days, they have Goli soda instead of carbonated drinks, and Sarbath will be the fresh juice. the same “Eye Brand” is the only brand I remember from my childhood.

Before fruit squashes enter the town sarbath is the only drink for us. My Dad used to buy 2,3 bottles in red and yellow colours, I always remind him to buy one more yellow sarbath because i love that yellow sarbath colour and taste.

More over this sarbath will be the welcome drink for all the surprise guest, can manage 10-15 people at a time with this delicacy drink. This post helps me to bring back my childhood memories..

Today I’m with my traditional drink to make this summer more delicious..
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Nungu Sarbath/Ice Apple Sarbath

Recipe Cuisine: Indian | Recipe Category: Drink
Prep Time: 0 mins | Cook time: 0 mins | Serves: 4


Nungu/Ice Apple 5-6 nos
Nannari Sarbath 1/4 cup
Lemon 1 nos
Sugar 3-4 tsp(optional)
Ice Cubes 4-5


This is how we get Nungu from market, Take 5-6 Ice apple/nungu in a bowl
Peel of the Nungu/Ice Apple, You can chop into small pieces usually road side vendors roughly chop, but here i ground them in mixer
Eye Brand Sarbath which i used is here.
I have taken sarbath in the mixer,{ if you are chopping ice apple/nungu in your recipe, then add along with the mixing bowl} add 2-3 cups of water mix well.
Transfer the sarbath to the mixing bowl, add lemon juice, if you want your drink to be more sugary than add stage and mix
Transfer the drink to a serving glass or Jar with some ice cubes, refrigerate if needed..

“Nungu Sarbath”

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