Orappam/Rice flour Halwa

Orappam/Rice flour Halwa
Orappam Which is a traditional snack with lot of health benefits.. a filling snack, Orginal recipe will put dum in the last stage here we don’t have the facility to put Charcol dum, so tried this as a Morden recipe.. Some called this as black halwa.. which is a famous in Nagercoil.. 
Orappam is a traditional snack of Kerala which is made on festive occasions . It is made like a halwa and then lightly baked to make it crusty and crunchy on the exterior. Inside it has a fudge like texture. It is made with rice flour and coconut milk, sugar/jaggery and a taste which will surely make you nostalgic. Since most home did not have ovens in earlier days it was baked by closing lid tightly and  burning coconut shells and placing it on top and bottom “Which Called as dhum” they keep this dhum for over night…
I heard this Delicious Halwa from my grand ma….  Usually this dish will made in marriage houses… They called it as “Orappam” means One appam that was sliced to pieces & Served to the guest.. Famous Traditional dish of kerala…  

My mama help to try this … Here i tried this dish in stove… any how i got the Perfect taste & Color… Fennel & Palm Jaggery gives the real flavor…. I assure it’s not a easy dish for beginners… well tough to do in stove… don’t worry next time im gonna try this in Baking… may be that will be easier than this…. here we start our recipe…


Raw Rice Flour- 1 Cup
Eggs- 2 nos
Palm Jaggery- 1.5-2 cups of grated palm jaggery
Coconut- 1 ( Extract 1st milk – 2 cups, 2nd milk- 2cups)
Raisins- 2 tsp
Ghee- 5-6 tsp
Coconut oil- 1/2 cup
Fennel- 2 tsp
Cashew nuts- 2 tsp

Ingredients all u need to take

Broke your eggs and beat well

Add the first coconut milk and beat with the egg..

Add the palm jaggery & let it melt with the coconut milk

Here you can see the coconut milk and Palm jaggery get together

Dilute the Raw rice flour in second coconut milk without any clumps

Now add ur Rice flour mixture to the Jaggery mix and mix with out clumps

Now it’s mixed… here  is the tough step… u need to stir the mixture without taking hands

Add crushed fennel powder

Add all the ghee and coconut oil

In a separate pan fry the nuts and raisins

Adding fried nuts and raisins to the mix

Here it’s done … u can see the oil separates in the edges and stick out from the pan

Grease a Baking tray

Put the Halwa to the tray and tight well… it’ll be better if u slice them after 12 hours… sorry i don’t have that much patients…i sliced them with in a hour… so i didn’t get as perfect slices…

Yummy “Traditional” Orappam/Rice flour halwa is ready….

* Exact ratio for large quantity–> for 1 kg Rice flour use 75 gms of Jaggery.. adjust the measurement to your choice.. here in the above recipe i’ve mentioned in cup measurement…
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