Sponge cake is a cake based on flour,sugar, and eggs, sometimes leavened with baking powder which has a firm, yet well aerated structure..The sponge cake is thought to be one of the first of the non-yeasted cakes…A sponge cake is one of the lightest and most delicate cakes of all. It is the amount of air beaten into the eggs and sugar and held in the mixture that makes the cake rise and, fortunately for those who enjoy it, asponge cake is relatively quick and easy to make.

Sponge cake should be very light and airy and with a melt in the mouth texture. Everyone has their own favorite version of sponge cake but the basic rule is to beat the mixture well to get air into it….Recipes for sponge cakes vary, so follow the directions given in the one you choose. These tips and tricks can help you master steps that are common in many sponge cake recipes..

Basic Rules for Making Sponge Cakes
There are a few basic rules that must be followed when making a sponge cake but,  you will be able to whip up a tender sponge cake for afternoon tea or dessert without a moment’s thought.
  • Eggs for a sponge should be at least three days old and should be at room temperature to give the greatest volume.
  • Have the oven ready, tins (pans) prepared and all ingredients assembled and measured before you begin to mix. Once you begin, don’t leave the mixture standing or the air that you have beaten in will start to escape and your sponge won’t rise to its expected heights!
  • Close the oven door gently when you put the cake in, and don’t open it until two-thirds of the way through the cooking time.
  • Test cakes after minimum cooking time by touching in the center with a finger. When done, they should be springy, elastic to the touch and shrinking slightly from sides of tin (pan).
All purpose Flour- 150 gms
Sugar- 150 gms
Butter- 100 gms
Baking powder- 1 tsp
Baking Soda- 1/2 tsp
Eggs- 3 nos
Vanila Essence- 2 tsp
Ingredients U need to take ready..:)

Broke ur egg in mixing bowl

Lightly beat together the eggs 
Add icing sugar, a spoon of Baking powder & Baking soda

Adding melted butter

Whisk it gently and add 2 tsp of vanilla essence

Sift the flour to mixture

Mix gently… here u’ve to be so careful don’t beat the mixture… “mix gently “

Here u got..
It’s ready

Grease your Tin

Fold the batter to the tin

Almost done.. ready to bake… preheat the oven for 200C for 10 mins and set ur oven to 180C Bake it for 20-25 mins
Woooooooo it’s ready

Reversed sponge cake

See the Texture…. u’ll not believe.. this was get over with in 10 mins… Thank God..:) 
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