Curry Masala / Biriyani Masala / Home made Graham Masala

Curry Masala / Biriyani Masala / Home made Graham Masala
Almost Every one’s Pantry will give a space for this masala mostly they are readymade, This is my mother-in-laws recipe…& is Exclusive to our family.. Once you use fresh, Hand-Ground Graham masala, You will never want to use the store-bought ones again… this masala is used in mutton, chicken, Egg, biryani, in some vegetarian curries also… i use this fresh masala to my dhal also… Fresh aromatic masala Change your curries… here i used to make this in 10 gms quantity, you can increase the quantity by your choice… this 10gms pack Cost me around 150 rs…..

Sombu/ Fennel seeds- 10gms
Kasa Kasa/ Poppy seeds- 10gms
Annasi poo/Star anise- 10 gms
Thirali illai/ Bay leaf- 2 nos
Jaathikaai /Nut meg- 10 gms
Pattai/ Cinnamom- 10gms
Kirambu / Cloves- 10gms
Yealchi / Cadamom- 10gms

Grab the ingredients first
Roast them in a dry pan in medium flame

Roasted ingredients

Take the blender

Ground to a fine powder

Store in air tight container…
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