Steamed Chocolate cake/ Bake Without Oven/ No Bake/Easy Cake

Steamed Chocolate cake/ Bake Without Oven/ No Bake/Easy Cake

 You don’t have oven????????? Still you love to bake.. no worries take your Idli steamer…. it’ll happen… yes few of my viewers asked me about this concept…. then i got the source from Edilble Garden…. tomorrow is the valentines day so Hurley i tried this out and posting here…In India most of house they don’t have the Microwave and all…. No worries about that…

From today You are also going to bake in a steamer… here butter is another source that will not found in all the pantry… Instead of butter u can use Ghee(Clarified butter)/ Dalda/ Vanaspathi… Taste will go less in vanaspathi… Also no worry about the cocoa and brown sugar.. go buy a dark chocolate grated it in a vessel, take a pan and boil the water keep the choco bowl in hot water it’ll melt soon… the measurement is important…..We’ll go to the Recipe………

Flour- 1 cup
Brown sugar- 1 cup

Cocoa Powder- 1/2 cup
Butter- 3/4 cup
Egg- 2 nos
Baking powder- 1 tsp
Baking Soda- 1/2 tsp
Vanilla Essene- 1 tsp
Here is the Ingredients

Crack the Eggs and start beating till the Foam rise
Add in BrownSugar(powdered), Butter, & Vanilla Essence 
Beat them well

Shift the flour, baking powder, baking soda & Cocoa powder
 Beat gently with the spatula

Grease the mould, Im using heart shaped muffin tray and small tumbler
Fill half the portion with the batter
Cover them with aluminium foil.. this onw is important to rescue the cake from vapour
Set your Idli steamer/ Steamer,  place the tins Start Cook in medium flame for 30 – 40 mins… Note for this small dishes i did 30 mins depend on your vessel size watch and cook (It’s in steamer nah have to check the water???)
TAke it out allow to cool
Put a fork/ tooth pick if it’s sticky you need to cook again.. if not wait for few more mins and reverse the tumbler
Getting cool
Utterly soft choco cake
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