Bread Jamun

Bread Jamun
It’s Our fourth day of Marathon.. Today im posting a recipe for party dessert… can be served as final dish after a heavy meal or can be planned as sweet stater for parties.. 
You don’t have Gulab Jamun ready mix in hand.. but still you are in a craving to have jamun… try this instant one…
Bread Jamun Very instant Dessert for Tea time parties.. One more thing It’s difficult find out it’s an Bread Jamnu, the Taste Texture is very close our ordinary Gulab Jamun…


Bread- 5 slices
Milk- 1 cup
Sugar- 1 cup
Cardamom- 2 nos
Maida- 2 tsp Optional
Grab your ingredients.. i  didn’t take maida coz it’s optional but used some maida 
Remove the sides of the bread slices
Just Do Take milk in a mixing bowl and dip very carefully like as Biscuit dip in a hot tea.. Just take it out within a second & squeeze  the milk out
Dipped and squeezes bread
Grind them in mixer or blender to a smooth form

Make out even size balls with the bread dough.. if your sough is sticky to hands then sprinkle some maida and kneed the dough should not stick to your hand 
MAke syrup with a cup of water and crushed cardamom(1 Cup water+ 1 Cup sugar)
Heat the kadai with oil
Start fry the balls in low flame
Fry till the color comes
Put them in sugar syrup..
Syrup should cover the balls keep it aside for 5-6 hours and scoop it out
Delicious Instant Bread Jamuns…
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