Triangle paratha

Triangle paratha
Triangle paratha’s basic Noth indian Partha which they do in atta… Troti’s roasted in oil/butter/ghee till golden brown…

This is for BM#28 Week 2, day 3this time i choose the Indian Bread theme for this week
Atta- 1 cup
Oil- 2 tsp
Take all in a bowl, knead the dough and keep them wrap for 30 mins, 
Take a ball sized dough and roll them, spread some oil and sprinkle some flour 
fold them like this and again apply oil and dust some flour
Fold like this and dust them with flour
roll them carefully to triangle shape
Heat the tawa and put the paratha, apply some oil
Flip them
Apply some oil/ butter/ ghee over and cook till they are golden brown in both sides
Here it’s done

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