Sweet Boondhi

Sweet Boondhi
Learning the stuffs, what we buy from shops are quite interesting play.. when it comes Success then the day will be fulfilled…. also when going to our most  favorite recipe means no words, sure i’ll fly around the world… this was happen yesterday… im in the preparation of Diwalli Blog post…. 🙂

Sweet Boondhi is my dream to make… now this was happen and i felt i did the most delicious one here…. when i sreached for sweet boondhi so many bloggers had the post in ready to check… finally go through and got the two points from the end of my browsing….:)

One is the Sugar syrup consistency…. had to take out one string condition….
Second is mixing the batter… mix the water slowly in little by little quantity.. mix with out clumbs….
This is the Secret behind the delicious boondhi…. so i hope these line makes easy to think of boondhi… lets go with the recipe…..

Preparation time– 15 mins
Cooking Time– 20 mins
Serves– 4-5

Oil- for frying
To mix:
Besan Flour- 1 cup
Baking soda- 1 pinch/less than 1/4 tsp
Sugar syrup:
Sugar- 3/4 cup
Water- 1/2 cup
To fry:(Garnishing)
Ghee/ oil- 2 tsp
Raisins- 2 tsp
Cashews – 2 tsp broken
Cardamon- 1 pc
Cloves- 2 pcs


* Grab all the ingredients..:)

* Sieve the besan flour…

* Heat the pan with Ghee  fry the Cashews, raisins, Cardamom and cloves and set aside…

[Most important part of boondhi]

* In a mixing bowl mix besan flour, Baking soda, by adding water in little amount, make sure if you took up the ladle or whisker it should drop the batter… not too runny

* Add the sugar to a kadai and add the water by measurement i’ve mentioned in the table… {doing in large quantity then add the water to immerse the sugar level}…

* Boil it for one string condition…

* Heat the kadai with oil…

* I used my holed ladle to drop out the boondhi’s.. i don’t have boondi plate….;( .. it’s done…

* Fry the boondhi not to crisp..just cook the boondhi…

* Should not over cook the boondhi….Drain them and add it to the hot sugar syrup…

* Add in the Fried cashews,raisins, cardamom and cinnamon mix..See as here it cold temp so already the crystal had formed on the spoon..:)

* Mix them well and spread it over a cleaned plate to dry the bondhi’s..

* Make it cool and store it in air tight container… can be stayed fresh for a week… or refrigerate the boondhi..:)

Sweet Boondhisending to

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