Maa Ladoo

Maa Ladoo
Again a Easy recipe in Easycooking gallery..:) Maa Ladoo, Pottu kadalai urundai/ Pottu kadalai Ladoo.. A perfect nutritious balls for Kiddos,… it took less than 10 mins to finish the preparation, a instant sweet for surprise guest?? can be…:) such a lovely ladoo its..

When i was in my schooling my tution akka prepare this .. addicted to the taste.. it melts in mouth… it wont take much time to do…check the recipe, try do and let me know how it turns for you…:)

Pootu kadalai/ fried channa dhal- 1 cup
Sugar- 1/2 cup
Ghee- 1/4 cup
Rasins- 1 tsp
* In a Clean Mixer, Make a fine powder with the Fried channa dhal/ Pottu kadalai.
 * Set them aside in a bowl..
* Powder the sugar and add them to the bowl..

* Heat the kadai, melt the ghee in it..

* Add the Raisins, give a good m ix..

* Simply add the melted ghee to the powdered mix…

* Mix them with a spoon atfirst, and start to make balls when its enough hot to touch…

* If the content gets cool, we cannot make ladoos… if it happens dont be panic just melt few more ghee and add to the mix, make ladoos. mostly this will happen when it prepared in large quantity..

Before finishing the part, see thats Jess babe’s little hands started grabbing the ladoos..

How nicely he is putting his hands over the ladoos..
“Maa Ladoo”
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