Grape Squash

Grape Squash
Its getting hot and hot, try a healthy grape squash with no color, no preservative, no essence.. absolutely kids friendly healthy juice.. i had a recipe with preservative too, soon will post here.. now with a healthy version of squash.

Black grapes has many health benefits… panner grapes is the best and cheap for these squash.. this is not the season for it.. so i tried with seed less grapes..
This takes less than 100 rs., to make a jug full of squash and gulp it for more than a week, if you want to add preservative with then go add citric acid 2 tsp and Sodium Benzoate- 1 tsp.. i didn’t use preservative, my kid loves to have juice, for his health i didn’t. also no preservative squash should stored in refrigerator, stands for more than 10 days.. 
Mostly ive noted in grape squash or juice it has a sedemented  bottom, that feels irritating to gulp the last part.. here you go with a clear grape squash.
Recipe Source: 4th sense Cooking

Black Grapes- 500gms
Sugar- 300gms
Water – 3-4 cups


* Wash the grapes in running water.. remove the stacks..

* Add 2 cups of water to the Cleaned grapes, and start cooking the content.

* When it starts to boil, mash them with a masher..

* Mash well till they cook completely

* Make it cool, and now the time to strain the juice.. take a kitchen clean towel squeeze the juice thoroughly from grapes.

* Measure the Juice in measuring jar..(I got 250 ml of juice in aprox)

* Start making the sugar syrup.

* Add 2 cups of water with sugar.. bring this to boil and cook the syrup till the sugar get dissolves

* Make the Syrup to cool and Add the juice with it.. if you want to add preservative color essence, then add in this stage..

* Fill a 1/3 glass of Grape squash and fill it with water.. give a stir.. 
* Should store this in refrigerator
* Choose a good quality ripped grapes
“Grape Squash”
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